Introducing Digitakt


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Very cute combi DT & Peak! :heart_eyes:


And this… ( for all those too busy / lazy to monitor their internet)
(also this guy is most splendid, check out his OP1 oeuvre)


I think you need to buy more gear…


Interesting story, kinda of what I went through.


I love this.


So, is it true that, if I would buy a second digitakt, I would have to buy overbridge premium twice??

I can understand this when buying different Elektron boxes (although it seems kind of strange to at the very least not give a discount), but asking customers to buy the same license twice?
Doesn’t seem ok…


If you had two PCs, you buy the OS twice. It will be interesting to see how this is implemented.


I reckon it may depend on if the license stays with the user or with the machine.

Time will tell.


If it stays with the machine, can you take it out and install it somewhere else? I’m pretty sure it goes with the Elektron machine, i want to be able to carry my Elektron to any PC or Mac with overbridge and have it run as an OB Premium.


Likewise if i loan you my Digitakt with OB Premium you would be able to run it Premium. Also i should be able to sell it attached. I made the assertion a month back or so that Elektron will sell DT Premiums when the software is ready and DT Regulars, that can be upgraded later.

Will you be able to take the OB Premium out, maybe you don’t like it or use it, and then just sell the OB Premium for DT to someone else? One used OB Premium for sale.


Om most if not all software licenses you get more than 1 license to be able to install it on multiple computers.

In this case it would be just common sense to give another license to dedicated customers that buy a second machine of the same kind. Or at least a huge discount. Ah well… Time will tell.


I agree time will tell. Often it is a single machine licence. Ableton i believe allows two or three on Live, if i’m not mistaken.


Pretty much every DAW and vst plugin I have allows multiple installs varying from 2 to even 5 :slight_smile:


I’m sure Pirate Bay will have Overbridge so relax people.


Regarding OB premium, you pay to get your machine unlocked. It’s per machine, so owning two DT’s means you have to buy it twice.

What happens behind the scene, which is a guess is that your machine’s either gets unlocked psychically (like some bit changed inside it) or that the serial number is stored somewhere and OB will check if your machine is unlocked (I hope this isn’t the case, online DRM sucks) and if it’s listed all options are available to you in OB.


I understand and respect they de-coupled OB and made it a sepperate product you can buy, but paying full price for each machine beyond the first is pretty hard to swallow…


It varies from company to company. Waves and iZotope prohibit simultaneous use on multiple computers, but all of Audio Damage VST/AU/AAX are multiple installs, simultaneous.

The Kush Omega plug-ins I just bought use iLokLicenser… 2 simultaneous installs…


Wait. Wasn’t it already established that the ‘hardware is the dongle’? If so, wouldn’t it be, for better or for worse, more like the Blofeld sample license? If you pay to enable it, it’s on that box… and that is that.