Introducing Digitakt

Just called Juno, they are out of stock now hahah… Too slow for me

You could try Music Matter, they have it listed as arriving in stock Monday for £600.

Just ordered the PL2S cover for it so I don’t damage the knobs when it’s in my backpack.

Didn’t realise the Digitakt and Heat were the same size!

Here you go mate.


Nice one bruva !!!

This other ‘DT out now’ thread is probably a more natural catch-all thread for the ’ I ordered/received my DT ’ posts, rolling forwards … it’s surely about time to look to retire this one now that they’re actually out there in the real world


Nice video! any chance you could upload that reese single cycle waveform?

Yup and the breaks please !

awesome video!
So did you find the sample start setting not granular enough for accurate slicing?

Cheers. No criticisms about the granularity of the sample start function, I just find it quicker in the long run to p-lock to a ‘snare’ sample when I want a snare, rather than scanning through and adjusting the start point.

thanks for clarifying - makes sense. I think I should get a tool like ReCycle to chop my loops. I am using Maschine today which works well but it won’t make my life easy if I want to export single hits as wav files.

i did the same. good free amen sample packs available…

works amazing! P lock variation… simple way to create good dnb basis

As you’re interested, here are all the samples I used.

Maybe we can get a Digitakt amen rinseout competition on here! I’ve processed the attached breaks a bit myself to get them sounding less roomy and more punchy, but this means they’re on the clean side. I’m going to try something rougher next time…


I had originally preordered at guitarguitar for £600. Cancelled but they said they were expecting them early part next week

Curious to know - is the DT labelled “made in Sweden”?

Anyone else experiencing the record button not flashing when initializing live recording?

Some times the record button doesn’t blink but I’m clearing live recording.

Too soon to know if it’s a bug or faulty hardware. Curious

Yes, mine is Made in Sweden.

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:grinning: Nice one :+1:

:thup: excellent