Introducing Digitakt

Loving this. Closest to how I’m planning to use mine.

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Can someone make this please?

Made a quick sketch of an #elektron #digitakt battery pack solution. Would love to see something like this happen. #sampler #battery #drummachine #portable

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this times a billion trillion suns :heart_eyes:

We recommend doing this with taped flat tip pliers so that nothing is damaged. The reason why we suggest doing it yourself is because it is possible, not that hard, and most users would rather have the machine than send it back.

However, we’ll of course take it back in case the customer wishes that we fix it instead.
And should there be any damage to the button(s) we’ll send replacements, or fix any damage that might have occurred.

In other words: not as bad as it might sound! :slight_smile:

And yes, we are reviewing our QC routines this week.


Thanks for all your feedback on the Digitakt User Manual. We have now uploaded a new somewhat improved version.


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Dataline rocks this thing to the extent it deserves a repost incase some haven’t seen it. :cb:


Sorry if this has been answered, but I can’t seem to find it sifting through this topic or I’m not searching the right terms. Will you be able to record sequences (midi notes) into the DT via external midi controller? There’s a post for demo on the Facebook group where the user hasn’t figured out how to do this. That, the ETA from my retailer being pushed back, and no OBP even if I do get it is quickly killing my desire for this. At least until I know that it will do what I expected. I wanted this over the OT because i know i don’t need all of that sampling capability, just not my workflow.

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Now that i’ve seen the demos of the Digitakt, WOW that is amazing piece of gear! But I gotta tell myself that an Octatrack can do way better things the Digitakt can, so I don’t have to force myself to buy the Digitakt. LOL!

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My sweetwater rep just called me to let me know my Digitakt has shipped. I was one of the first to preorder from them, anyone else who preordered should be getting info on shipment soon.


So has anybody tried routing a midi cable from the DT’s midi out to its midi in, and used the midi sequencer to control the effects parameters, etc. yet? How is it?

Don’t think it’s a problem. I’ll report as soon as I have either repaired or broken the machine. It’s a quick fix I can live with.

OT’s still flipping amazing it just doesn’t have that “look at me I’m new” excitement. It’s DT’s older brother and can beat it up for fun like big brothers do, but it looks like this little guy would put up a good fight being all quick and agile, avoiding blows…
I wanna see two Cenks, one with an OT, and one with a DT, in a groovebox showdown!
In the end I’m sure SidStation will get them to stop fighting and play nice together like good children…


is lush


Was just reading the thread this morning but can’t seem to find it for you. There was a video posted of the Digitakt cycling thru three patterns via midi out and back in with step 16 pushing the pattern change. Seemed to work flawlessly from the video.

Just got the tracking number from sweetwater. Should be here tomorrow. Love living so close to them!


sames!!! :smiley:

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Noob question incoming:

Would it be possible for the Digitakt to be treated as a synth with the MPC Live? Let’s say I’m trying to record a 4 bar pattern into the MPC Live, would I be able to record and edit the MIDI notes on the MPC (remove notes, change velocity, move them around etc)? Or does the Digitakt can only be recorded as an audio track?

I also got word from Sweetwater that my DT has shipped! Order date of 2/27 for those interested in comparing their place in line.


I inquired with my Sweetwater rep what the wait time is for a non-preorder, like if I placed my order now. He estimated June 22nd. :confused:

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