Introducing Analog Heat MKII


i have no dog in this fight, and i’m certainly not unrealistic or unsympathetic to the business side of things. we artists like to project our “artist ideals” out into the world, which is foolish, but even more foolish is when we all get bent out of shape when capitalistic enterprise doesn’t live up to those ideals. business is amoral; “elektron” the business does not “care” about customers. it makes perfect sense that they’d want consistency along their product line. all businesses do it. restaurants tend to repurpose a core of ingredients into different menu items. it just makes good sense to do that. all that said though, the AH seems like the 3rd least important product in the elektron repitoire behind only OH and the AD. just really bad timing given everything else on their plate atm. it’s just a bad look.


I like that this guy. My favorite gear guy


No way! I was checking Thomann just couple hours ago and thought it’s weird that AH was not available, and it just crossed my mind for a split second, that maybe an MKII is coming… but it made no sense, right? :joy: I came home, open elektronauts … and BOOM!!! :joy::joy::joy:

Well I’d rather see some AF MKII bug fixes instead… but hey …

Anyways congrats on the new Heat! I think I’ll be buying one very soon :grimacing:


EVERYBODY is getting heated today :rofl:


I have heard through the grapevine that, bizarrely, everyone in Elektron is not actually a developer (and that there’s only so many that can manageably work on fixing tricky code at one time anyway), this may explain why the majority of staff continue to do other things to keep the business running along, just sayin’ :loopy:


USB wise they are the same. There will be new drivers for both the MK1 and MK2 that improves perfomance.


I will never understand these Elektron fans that get so entitled and whiny about every tiny thing elektron does. Obviously they want all their current hardware up to date with the current design langauge and parts… your MK I’s aren’t going to suddenly be bricked once the MK II is out. Do you get pissed about new smart phones getting updated models every year?





it’s totally understandable bringing the hardware up to date as they’re doing with the mk2. I don’t get the price hike tho, it’s quite a jump.


Thanks, that just made me feel a whole lot better. OB is a perfect screen for me so I’m good. Not that I wouldn’t love an oled, but retina will do for now :slight_smile:


I can’t wait for this to be available. I love how the input/output metering is constantly viewable now. I had the opportunity to try out the new OTO Boum, and it made me appreciate the Analog Heat even more. The AH is so capable of imparting just the right amount of flavor in all types of subtle ways that is very useful for the master bus imo.

I was even considering a stereo EQ, but realized how effective the one on the AH is, and it is so much more affordable compared to something like a pair of Warm Audio EQP-WA’s. It does so much so well in such a compact package, and now it perfectly matches my Digitone and Digitakt.


it‘s hard for me to find some words!

i‘m happy for every heat user who‘s willing to pay an additinal fee for that upgrade, but what‘s wrong with elektron?

the wording was like 100% focus on OB, means they were lying!

why do i have the feeling they‘re just brave enough for this step because OB will be released very very soon, or far away for holding on HEAT MK2

We‘re doomed to speculations because of zero transperacy and they‘re smashing it‘s community again and again!

unbelievable Elektron :man_shrugging:t3:


You do understand that Elektron is not just 3 people working on one project at a time right? :slight_smile: so no, they were not lying.


100 % focus for the DAW/OB dev team. Hardware guys aren’t just going to twiddle their thumbs…


a bit pessimistic but I suppose you’re right

  1. It’s wrong to be upset about this, it’s not really that big a deal.
  2. Elektron screwed up the timing, the positioning. or both, for this announcement,

That’s all.


100% is 100%

means OB first!

and i think this what we deserve after all …


Do you understand the difference between a programmer and a product designer?


Do you understand that releasing new product requires significant investments, which could have been put into hiring few new teams of programmers to tackle the most problematic aspects of OB development?


They probably end up saving money by streamlining production costs I bet.