Introducing Analog Heat MKII


I am not talking about discrete circuits scaling down to SMT technology that drives chips to become smaller and smaller. I am talking about the buttons and screen. That new “crisp LCD screen” was chosen for a machine that was released only two years ago.
Did they know that they will change the screen, from back then and still went ahead?
Or you actually know what else has been changed on the PCB/circuit that involves switching old SMT chips, for newer ones?


sorry, I have no further information


Just out of curiosity I verified which speed the USB connection of my Analog Heat MkI is and found out that it already establishes a USB2.0 connection. :slight_smile:
Maybe my curiosity will continue to command me to open the unit and verify the DACs :thinking:


I don’t think mobile phones and professional audio devices should be compared like that. Professional audio devices are bought for years of use.

It’s sad if Elektron moves into ”iphone” territory where people need to buy new box every two years as it seems Elektron is unable to provide support and spare parts for their old devices much longer than that. I mean, you can still service a 40 year old Minimoog but apparently 2 years is too long for Elektron…


Elektron support has been excellent for old and new devices and I see no reason for this to be different for this device. Are you sure you are just not spinning this topic to find an angle to criticise something you have no real knowledge of?


and yet an Analog Heat MK1 sold last month still came with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty and Elektron has always covered and serviced instruments in the warranty period.

The facts don’t line up with your narrative.


My narrative is based on the fact that Elektron themselves say the parts of Analog Heat are end-of-life. If that is indeed the case, they can’t support it much longer.


They can and will support and service it for a minimum of the next three years, as there are devices out there sold with new warranties right now.

You think they waited until they used the very last round button before announcing the MKII ? They have reserve parts for warranty service commitments. Just like they did with the MD/MM.


Even if they service the units for three years, I think that is too short time period for a professional audio device.

As Elektron has announced some of the AH mk1 components are end-of-life, used AH mk1 is going to be quite risky purchase soon.


Well, those thoughts are both subjective.

The objective reality is that a new AH MK1 is covered for three years.
So I am setting the record straight for anyone who might be cruising this thread reading from your posts that:


Many of my friends use mainly vintage synths from the late 70s or early/mid 80s in their music making. I don’t hear them complaining that Korg or Roland do not supply the buttons or parts for their instruments anymore. There’s shops like Syntaur for that. Nobody can expect Elektron to stack a warehouse full of old parts just to make people who bought a Sid Station 16 years ago happy. Those are just unreasonable expectations.


Is that Uuno Turhapuro on your Avatar? :wink:


end-of-life probably means that the amount of parts remaining are not enough to make full large-scale manufacturing runs possible. There are probably still hundreds if not thousands of these parts in Elektron’s storage.


Hahahahaha! Yes! It’s Aphex Uuno or maybe Richard D Turhapuro.
Had a vision years ago and had to make it happen.


Your friends are not complaining because Syntaur is there for them. But if the components for Elektron device are end-of-life one and a half year after release, that is not very encouraging as Elektron is the only company that can reliably fix these instruments.

Will Syntaur fix your Analog Heat in four years after Elektron doesn’t have parts for it? I don’t think so.


Syntaur is not in the synth-fixing business. They only supply spare parts which they get from dismantling defective synths. I guess in 5-10 years time they’ll be supplying parts for Elektron products too, so yes, I’ll buy the spare parts for my AH there.

If Syntaur goes out of business there’ll always be some other webshop providing people the synthparts they need. It’s not Elektron’s job, unless they of course want to have it as their job.


Not always. I have just been burned by Elektron’s promises with OB and lost money because of that. That is why I am viewing them critically these days.


ok, fair enough. apologies for being offtopic


Elektron, if you are reading this topic.

Pls fix the usb disconnect bug. in the next firmware Overbridge update.


there is one other common reason for manufacturers for running out of the current set of components. It is the scenario where your sales numbers are remarkably exceeding your expectations. Elektron has been on fire recently, coming up with new/upgraded models and receiving lot of attention from the new customers. It can also be that Heat, being a new concept product, has been way more popular than predicted by sales team, going trough the pre-contracted materials fast. Again, it’s just a speculation from my side but I kind of hope that this is the case. I think they deserve the success.

From the community point of view - none of this really matters as its absolutely fine to upgrade the products whenever needed, especially if the company implements the suggestions made by the real users in this forum and elsewhere.