Introducing Analog Heat MKII


If they were making changes to the hardware to accommodate software problems that would be true. Since the hardware is set and in most cases already in our studios, there’s nothing left for the hardware guys to do. In any case the kind of hardware design & engineering that has to do with implementing new knobs and buttons wouldn’t have anything to do with Overbridge at all.


There are software changes in Heat mk2 too - from the news: ”There is also additional visual feedback on the Amp, Filter, Envelope and LFO pages that makes overview and understanding of sound processing and modulation a whole lot easier.”

You think the hardware guys did that?


Jesus, everyone thinks they’re the fool on the hill these days.

Still, you might be right.


No wonder the analog heat dropped in price so much at a shop.
3 days ago ive bought mine for 499 euro, and had the thought Elektron might introduce the mk2 .
It was the last one in stock.

And see here it is, and am glad there are not so many changes and am very happy with the mk1.
Only thing i hope is they fix a bug with over bridge, it disconnects trough usb a lot and have the AH running on a powered 3.0 usb hub. (which i think is the same as overhub? or what is you guys experience?


this all i can agree with and am standing on the same side of the discussion. i just have a kneejerk reaction when someone is trying to stretch a straightforward issue into a political discussion. there is too much of that as it is.

i will tell you why it feels off though:
with the MKII you have gear that is undoubtedly a nicer experience but marginally so. at the same time as our MKI are depreciating quite a bit. ebay and co are flooded with MKI.
the absurdity comes from the fact that the MKII have actually lesser funtionality without OB, so we come to a situation where one is paying more money for less features atleast atm. this is just a bizarre selling proposition, and its all due to the OB delay.

so for a MKI owner, that wants to get MKII, its a lose-lose scenario. my older gear loses value and the newer gear is missing a key feature. while expected, every new MKII release reminds me off that fact, hence the salt.


not sure you are reading my comment right. i am saying this “appeasement” is not in fact the case, and you can keep the snark too.

its great that an OLED screen rocks your boat, i´d rather stay with one that has OB.
so actually the MKII is a massive downgrade as it is atm.




i actually thought this is the time to get a second MKI. where on earth did you find it for 500?
its 630 over here. 500€ would be an insanely good price.


where did i lose you?
the MKI has overbridge, the MKII does not. with AH this difference is most pronounced since the product is apparently not being advertised as having a sound card.

i will say, just saw now the OB beta is out it seems so i can eat my arguments and finally go out and get digitone.
all is finally well.


yeah this forum is plenty toxic without me farting in it.
will refrain from it, not that i concede to having dissed anyone.


Ok I understood it as if you weren’t using OB with both, MKI would have more functionalities.


like i said, apparently there is finally a beta out so this paradox would be soon over.
imo the really sad thing is that most of the ire and cynicism here is actually just passion for the product, only inversed because of all the wait. i hope there will be more love on this forum.


Wonder if we will see a Drive update.


BIG Question coming in : Why is the MK2 in black and not grey ? all other MK2s are grey. Is that not a line break ?




Probably to match the digitakt/tone since its the same size.


I guess it is more economical reason: One size fits all :-), no 2 lines of metal cases for the hardware , but it is not consequent as the Digitone and Digitakt are mk 1s.


I try to explain, it might be not correct.

output lvl difference is 3 db, that means the volume you listen to on the mk1 is twice as loud compared to the mk2 . but the impedance on the mk2 headphone is 1,52 lower, means the signal is 1,52 times less dampend then on the mk2. at the end the lvls are the same (or almost the same) if you have the master volume full up. Knowing your impedance output of the headphone lets determine you which headphones you should use to get th ebest out of them. There are reasons why there are i.e 3 different models of BD DT 770 pro


All small boxes are black.
All extra large boxes (A4 and AR MKIIs) are light grey. They aren’t even the same shade of grey as the OT MKII, which is not the same size. So then the question is, which shade of grey would the AH MKII be?
Easiest solution: all small boxes are black.


“The reason for this upgrade is that some of the MkI components reached end of life, so we took the opportunity improve some of the hardware to our new buttons, encoders and screen.”

That was some seriously bad choice on components then. The MK1 is not even two years old…who is to say the same poor choices will not happen again with the MK2? I wouldn’t take Elektron’s word for it that’s for sure.

Anyhow, nothing to lose sleep over, the circuits are the same (for better or for worse…the first 3 could do with less noise, imo). Mine has the burnt edges, hope it does not get worse.

The company has become something of an online laughing stock the last few months and its only getting worse. Loads of dissapointed people that paid a premium, only to receive a product with end of life components, within the first two years!