Introducing Analog Heat MKII


I suppose if there is a plentiful supply of spare parts for the mk1 there is nothing to worry about, shame they couldnt have forseen the end of the line and gone straight to oled and new encoders with the original though.


must buy everything Elektron, regardless of how unfinished it is


preordered yesterday morning.


Just to clarify I am not being down on Elektron here. If by bringing out new versions more people can afford the old ones then it is a win win for everyone :grinning:


For the original silver boxes I agree of course but the heat is only 2 years old. They surely would have had the foresight to future proof this box at least for 5 years?


you would think but if they were more worried about keeping with the aethetic of the dark trinity they may have dug themselves a hole regarding components that are shared across boxes.


The AH MKI was the last thing Elektron produced without an OLED display. They didn’t use an OLED display at the time unfortunately, but now they are. This isn’t that complicated.


I reckon components from Dark trinity onwards will be plentiful. They learned from the silver box experience and part of there ethos is long term customer support and value.

These updates just reflect a larger scale operation and make total sense. Under the hood things are very similar if not identical. They are basically tweaking the user experience.


The components will not remain plentiful, hence the entire line being updated. its been mentioned by elektron a few times the components reasoning was a factor in this update. on their instagram account the say

“The reason for this upgrade is that some of the MkI components reached end of life, so we took the opportunity improve some of the hardware to our new buttons, encoders and screen.”


Oh right. Didn’t know that.


For sure. Who knows what future updates could bring though


Yea I don’t see how a new AH affects the AH you already own.

My Analog Heat works the same as it did before the mk II dropped.


…and if you’re a Dieter Rams fan, you might like the look of the MK1 even more, now.


New Os for MKI and MKII. I can’t download MKI update file.

Analog Heat

List of changes from OS 1.02 to 1.10
[MKII] Real-time vu-metering, LFO, Filter, and Envelope visuals are now available on the main
Bug fixes
A footswitch could not trigger the envelope.
CV and pedal levels that are above the configured Max level did not clip.

I still have a doubt about improvements for MKI…
Only Switch / CV / Pedals improvements ?
Still No midi message to trigger the envelope ?


What is the difference between “triggering the envelope” and modulating the “ENV Threshold” to 0 every time you want it triggered?


Send midi CC16 Env Threshold 0 value is a workaround I used, sending 127 value before, but it is not very convenient to send 2 values, and therefore you can’t use Env Threshold…

Anything about MKI improvements ?


Don’t know a thing about Elektron’s internal organization – but this is simply a hardware update… Overbridge is a software product. It makes sense that this could be developed with little or no distraction for the software guys.

An update like this likely either has to do with a high level of technical failure of the original buttons (such that to save money on tech support they thought it preferable to upgrade the buttons, and while doing so decided to make some other hardware improvements), or to standardize hardware components across products.

BTW my Digitakt has already had a button fail – not electronically ,but it sticks physically in the down position. So that’s why my mind wandered to that aspect of the new Heat.


Should have added reverb, delay and bit reduction/SSR.
Would have been a worthy upgrade then


Overbridge is a software product that interfaces the hardware directly. I am pretty sure the ”software guys” need to know about the hardware too when developing OB.


Elektronauts mk2 please. User controlled. Better inputs and outputs.