Introducing Analog Heat MKII


Got to say, now I have watched some vids and seen this side by side with the newer boxes… it looks great! Making me side eye the Mk1 on my desk a little.


at first it was an estimation based on the elektron-website prices which are always higher than normal retailers, now its official and the differenc is “only 175€” in europe and not 200 … yeah sorry for estimating 25€ more than the price increase of this 40$ display is really causing.



The price will drop a little soon enough - who actually pays Elektron’s RRP anyway?!

I just hope Elektron get their skates on with OB - can appreciate why this Mk2 has left some with their nose out of joint.

Random question - am I the only one that feels that flagging a post is akin to “grassing”? Always found it quite bizarre.


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Overbridge Ready ;p


The mkII’s suddenly render the current models a mark I and their price drops almost overnight. And yet the updates are not particularly significant. Ebay in the UK has a few Analog keys units going for £650 which is crazy but great if you want to get into the ‘Elektron world.’ This has led me to think that maybe Elektron just want to get as many boxes out there as they can and to as many users both rich and poor. The mk II’s are maybe just a clever way of doing that. (Probably not true but worth a ponder!)


Or maybe, as has been stated many times by elektron, the mkii upgrades have a lot to do with parts. Components run out etc. it has become quite difficult to repair a mki silver box, especially trying to source parts. after 7 years of using the same components across multiple products the original dark trinity components are likely dwindling


Woke theory: AH Mk I had unresolvable issues with new Overbridge and had to go.


One day has passed, and I’m still really glad the AH has been improved with a crisp, bright OLED display, and updated with awesome new real-time graphics.


fake news


Technically everything has unresolvable issues with OB :wink:


Pro tip: the Heat you have is still just amazing and awesome even if it’s screen isn’t quite as easy to read as the updated one. If that makes you hate elektron, take some deep breaths.

I love my Heat and use it almost every day, and am not even worried about it… my Heat is still freaking amazing today.


I suppose if there is a plentiful supply of spare parts for the mk1 there is nothing to worry about, shame they couldnt have forseen the end of the line and gone straight to oled and new encoders with the original though.


must buy everything Elektron, regardless of how unfinished it is


preordered yesterday morning.


Just to clarify I am not being down on Elektron here. If by bringing out new versions more people can afford the old ones then it is a win win for everyone :grinning:


For the original silver boxes I agree of course but the heat is only 2 years old. They surely would have had the foresight to future proof this box at least for 5 years?


you would think but if they were more worried about keeping with the aethetic of the dark trinity they may have dug themselves a hole regarding components that are shared across boxes.


The AH MKI was the last thing Elektron produced without an OLED display. They didn’t use an OLED display at the time unfortunately, but now they are. This isn’t that complicated.


I reckon components from Dark trinity onwards will be plentiful. They learned from the silver box experience and part of there ethos is long term customer support and value.

These updates just reflect a larger scale operation and make total sense. Under the hood things are very similar if not identical. They are basically tweaking the user experience.