Introducing Analog Heat MKII


I have a feeling, just speculating, that they wanted to hold this release off until Overbridge 2.0 came out, for the reasons you stated, but they’ve probably been sitting on it since the last show (when they didn’t release anything) and they probably finally decided Overbridge isn’t coming any time soon, and they can’t sit on the new Heat any longer, so they made the tough call.


But shouldn’t it go in both directions? When production starts working on something and marketing sees the potential pitfalls of a release of said product, shouldn’t it advise against it?

In this case the major issue is the way people perceive this new release. Isn’t this something marketing mainly should be aware off?


whats the difference? i dont understand what dBu or ohms impedance means.


Marketing is a function which executes communication around product launches and updates. They are downstream from product management and downstream by two orders of magnitude from engineering. If engineering is communicating directly to marketing you’ll probably end up with a bad launch (which is what we have here).

Product management’s job is to, when applicable, communicate engineering’s constraints to marketing, and come up with position that will make the most sense to new customers and existing customers. Wasn’t done.


Would have preferred an Elektron mixer.


And kind of not done in the last releases in the last few years it seems. Thanks for replying. I’m about to launch an app with some friends in a couple of months. So this whole dynamic is interesting and something to research for the future.

We are planning our execution of marketing strategy and everything related towards release right now, and we are constantely considering every little detail of how and when. It’s mindboggling. So I can relate to the troubles elektron is currently going through it is never easy running a company so mistakes are expected to be made.


Or, technology wasnt improving as fast as it does today :wink: And let’s not forget: Machinedrum MKII improved the MD in the right places. 64 Steps per Pattern for example … :slight_smile: I dont see where a Screen improves a Machine that was already “complete” - tbh. But thats not up to me to judge!


Mono input split to left / right is a good improvement too.


I was a little surprised at the announcement because the Heat hasn’t had many firmware updates, seemed to be on the back burner for them. As long as us MK1 owners can stay current with the firmware/features going forward I’m okay with the update. If we get left in the dust, I’ll be annoyed. Looks like we’re good though, from what I can tell.


An example of something taking forever to get a hardware update that is really annoying me is the Apple MacBook Pro. An example of something that gets hardware updates frequently that I would be embarrassed to be upset about is the Apple iPhone


don’t know if this has been mentioned but it feels like good news for mki users as well; continued updates and replacement parts modernized.

I was waiting for this to buy one actually!


In an ideal world, I’d agree. I live in reality though, and that’s not how thing are, or ever have been, in the software world. I’d be willing to bet that 96% of any software, or hardware device with firmware that you own right now has at least a percentage of features that didn’t make it in time for initial release. I’d also be willing to bet that around 50% of those were delayed products by at least some amount from original schedule entirely. Or at least needed updates to fix issues. Maybe even issues your use cases never exposed. In which case you might not know about it, but someone else might. There is nothing certain about software. It’s written by humans. Humans make mistakes from scheduling, to scope of project, to bugs in code. It’s not some malicious attempt to hurt their customer’s feelings, it’s just the way it is. A good developer will then do his/her best to resolve the situation, and that takes… TIME. The bigger the project, the more time is required.


Well now everyone’s gonna be hanging on the edge of their seats waiting for the much anticipated analog drive mk2. Elektron really know how to give the people exactly what they want


I haven’t needed that myself, but I can understand it might be good or useful for some. I use my Heat almost always with stereo inputs, so that really doesn’t bother me one way or another. If that’s a lot better for someone on the new one that’s great. The OLED would definitely be nice to have, but for how I use it (almost always with Overbridge) the prior display is fine.

Separate comment/rant/babble after reading so many others:

Maybe it’s me getting older or something, I don’t know… a few years ago I’d have been pretty pissed off and jacked up about something like this where a device was upgraded quickly after I bought one. Now, for whatever reason, it just doesn’t bother or matter to me. I bought the Heat for a reason, have been very happy with it and nothing about today’s announcement has changed that.

Like I said, if some feature really motivated me, then I’d sell mine, consider the few hundred I lose in the process the “cost of that feature”, get the new one and be done with it. If someone else doesn’t feel that way, OK, cool… that’s fine and absolutely won’t impact my life at all. For me, it’s just not worth getting worked up about for good or bad.


Great, but they would need to replace that horrific Micro-B socket/plug system, that should never have been produced anywhere, on any kit, and stick to the robust USB 3 B type - far superior.


Yes it is that’s very true. It provides you with a lot more routing options.


Chase bliss audio seems to do the mkII thing with their pedals fairly often as well. It’s annoying and they don’t even wait 2 years like it seems elektron did with the AH so at least they aren’t that bad, guys.


ohhhh this seems nice, i think i see an option to draw the filter?? if so neeeeet, i’ve looking into getting an effects pedal for drum sounds.


pffffffffffffffffffffffffff, 've just got version 1, 2 months ago it’s still new didn’t find time to play with it. my hate to elektron grows everyday. as al the one units soon not get support and updates anymore or overbridge 2
happy i didn’t buy digitak as soon there will be a 2 a 3 a 4
sounds like smartphones we need to change them every 2 years.
no thx!


High end guitar pedals age a lot better :panda:
Lunchbox 500 idem dito :evil:
No screen, no cry :musical_note: