Introducing Analog Four & Analog Rytm MKII


Hey guys, I made this video going over the upgrades that we got on the MKII and my thoughts on the subject :slight_smile:


… i will check back here in september …


Can you elaborate on that ?
I also realised that sample vol > 100 introduces (not pleasing imo) distorsion. Is there more to know ?


All I can say is to experiment with the level/gain controls throughout the signalpath to see which changes introduce which kind of end results. In many ut vids etc, I see alot of rytm users using max synth & samp levels, which IME makes things sound unpleasantly “stiff” for lack of a better term.


btw my version of SDS Drop Sample sets by default the sample volume to maximum level, which again introduces weird artifacts.


pressing function while turning the LEV encoder snaps the value to positions 0, 100, 127. This is a quick way to drop a lev from max to 100


Waiting for October will be very long for me :slight_smile:


Looking forward on hearing your impressions as well.


Dear Elektron,
May we pretty please hear some audio examples of the new A4? :smile_cat:


I mainly just want to see the redesigned bigger screen graphics.
Should be a big improvement
Not sure it will sound any different will it? apart from the phatter bass :ecstatic:


Hard to say. If they’ve revamped the internals for better bass, it may have a sound that is significantly more rich overall.


Reworked circuits, more growl, more drive :smiley: I want to hear it ASAP too.


Yeah hopefully noticeable audio improvements, not Elektron snake oil :snake:


this may have to do with the fact that we are thinking in analog Mixer domain :wink: On an analog Mixer we learnt, that we should always max the Channel to end up with the least noise in the end. The Rytm is also analog and so we replicate this workflow.

And i noticed this on the Rytm: If you mix “properly” on the Rytm’s Engine Volumes, you get a pleasent sound, but you end up with lot’s of Noise, because you always have to gain the Audio File you recorded - since the Output is pretty low! If i record with OB for example - and mix properly on the Rytm - i end up with an Audio File that doesnt exceed -18 db - if all goes well, sometimes its even quieter. This is totally unusable. Imagine the Noise when normalizing and mastering such an amazingly quiet audio signal.

If i max it all out (engine + Channel) - i end up with round about -10 db. its still too quiet because i also want to max it with the Compressor / Limiter - since this is what electronic music needs to sound right! But its less noise than before, so i can live with that.

Noise my friends. This is the Problem on the Rytm and this is why maxing it all out on its Engines makes sense! The Rytms output is generally just waaaay too quiet. On the Analog Four - you dont have this problem. its output has proper gain. [edit] When it comes to OB at least. I dont know how it behaves with the physicals Outs, since i dont use these.


peculiar. I dont recall having any noise issues with my rytm for years. YMWV indeed.


Im mostly excited about the new screen and its improvement of the user interface. The bigger screen allows visual display of many parameters like on the Digitakt (envelopes, effects, etc.) This is a huge improvement for understanding the devices better. Right now every single page looks nearly the same. Just boring representations of knobs with 2-3 letters underneath it… on a tiny display… Just the oled display with its bigger display area is a huge argument for me to get the new MK2 hardware <3


-18 db is actually the right level of gain for going into an A/D converter, so maybe that’s why.


TimeEcho’s on to something… There’s lots of information available about this in the interwebs, here’s one article:


There is no “right level” but yeah, -18 dBfs (digital) corresponding to 0VU (analog) works out well and sounds good. My converters are calibrated at -20. if you don’t have your converters calibrated for a -18 or -20 dbfs per 0 VU (+4dBu) then, for the sake of your mix, you should read the link below and start working at those levels.


I think this is a very bad move for those who, like me, made a big effort to have all these three machines over the years. On one single move, the value of those MKI machines is killed, with no rewards for those who trusted this brand and were loyal to it since the beginning. I can understand the new version of Octatrack considering MKI was an “older” machine. But cannot understand it in Analog Four, and even much less on Rytm. Rytm is a new machine for doing this, and even much more for adding key capabilities like sampling, totally forgetting about those of us who have just recentrly bought a “new” machine. Good to know for the future and taking you out of my list.