Introducing Analog Four & Analog Rytm MKII


OFF TOPIC : But it works for me on 10.12.5 very nicely. Speaking for Analog RYTM.
For Analog Four i haven’t tested yet… (because i sold it… waiting for MKII)


Yes. Overbridge constantly tells me there is a problem with the connection and to check the USB. I don’t know what it means. The USB works fine for everything else.


First post here.

After strugglin’ with myself for a few days and thinkin’ about what to do I’ve just placed my order with Thomann for an AF mkI (yes, it’s again in stock); it’s 888 euros for the mkI vs 1.444 euros for the mkII: with the money saved I’ll get a Roland SE-02. Plus, my new AF mkI will match perfectly with my beloved AR mkI (I like black boxes) :slight_smile:


Please, Elektron, after you fill your coffers with these, no more sequels! Build something new, in the spirit of your first boxes: SiD, MD, MnM, OT, A4, AR. The closest to that recently has been the AH. I guess creating something new, completely out in left field, requires much more design effort than tweaking an existing box. Be more like the independent studio you used to be than Hollywood, because at some point people just don’t give a shit about Spider-man 17.


Same here. Arrived yesterday! :slight_smile:


Well they’ve never done Mk3’s so something new should be brewing


Not specifically to you, but everybody complaining:

I can’t hear this “back in the old days Elektron was more innovative” story anymore. They released a ton of sequels/upgrades of MM and MD for 10 years… Machinedrum, Monomachine, Monomachine SFX, Machinedrum UW, Machinedrum SPS-1UW MKII , Machinedrum SPS-1UW+ MKII, Monomachine SFX60 MKII, Monomachine SFX60+ MKII…

Right now they are more on fire than ever. Just in the last 6 years (remember: a machine takes 2-3 years to develop) they released 5 complete new devices (Octatrack, Analog Rytm, Analog Four, Analog Heat, Digitakt). + their complex Overbridge technology - Be happy that they upgrade their machines to the their newest technology (new box, layout, buttons and especially bigger OLED display).


“Pretty keen to buy an Elektron Rytm mkII” … said pretty much everyone in the universe. What a machine. Oh, the desire. Let it be an inspiration i suppose, to design and envision and achieve at a high level like Elektron.


After having let the news of the recent mk II updates sink in for the past few days, I am thinking that my ideal “trinity” in the future is a combo of the OT mk II and the mk I analogs… But I might hold off from the OT mk II for a bit, just to see how early adopters like it, especially wrt the new input frontend circuitry. YMMV as always.


I wonder if the way AR colors samples stays the same on the Mkii. It’s such a nice sound but maybe they changed it into something more transparent, who knows


Personally, I’m still waiting for semi-scientific levelmatched A/Bs for the evidence of such unintentional colouration. So many peeps who do not get how rytm gainstaging works out there… The way you work the params greatly vary the end results, the diffs can be ridiculous. IIRC there even was a thread back in the day where a user cried the rytm “ruined his samples”, it went on for a bit, until the OP turned down LEV on the sample page…


That’s the universal view, you don’t see many complaining (if any), I don’t see why they’d mess with it … ‘if it ain’t broke…’ :wink:


AR filters can’t be completely removed + it works with 48 kHz men no samples whereas e.g. OT works with 44 kHz. Here is for the 50% scientific part :smiley:
Now I must say that when playing a sample two octaves down in AR I love it more than my OT, now gone.
But from what I felt with DT, samples seemed a lot clearer, as “more defined”.

To be scientifically proved maybe, but I buy this AR coloration theory.


As for the AR filters, I think at least some of the tricks mentioned in the analog four manual should apply:

"There is no way to turn the multimode filter completely off, but if no filtering is desired there are a number of good ways to let all audio pass through unaffected by the filter:

HP2 at minimum frequency, no resonance.
BS at minimum frequency, no resonance.
LP2 at maximum frequency, no resonance.
PK at max frequency, no resonance.
PK at min frequency, no resonance. Note: this gives an inverted signal."

48 vs 44.1 - by using a good quality samplerate converter like SOX, I doubt the difference (for most material) would be huge.

Therefore, I am still waiting for any A/B tests. I’ve been fooled by my “feelings” more times that I can count, so naturally am also suspicious when it comes to the feelings of others… with all due respect tho!


True what you say. They are certainly on a torrid pace of development unmatched for a company of their size. Don’t take my post as a complaint, but rather as what would get me excited to see in terms of new products in the future. I have no doubt that after these upgrades, they will move on to something that will blow my socks off.


Yes, but two octaves lower you might hear some differences.


then we are talking more about how the sampler interpolates the samps than about the “least colorized, straight wire playback of audio”, which I assumed was the original point?

I do admit that sampler interpolation of audio is a big subject. My fave so far is the korg volca sample, soulful sounding interpolation. My least fave is the MPC 1000/2500. Also love the interpolation of the Korg M1 and wavestation.


Maybe, didn’t feel the perimeter was this one. Anyway, you need A/B and I’m away from home…
I was just trying to submit facts you might chew to get hints for solving your dilemma.

Btw, I got my OT second hand and sometimes wondered if AD/DA converters could age due to misuse (understand : playing in the red for too long)
A/B should maybe be done on several machines…


I lost the overview of this tread… i like to know more about:

A4 MK2 Reworked analog circuitry: like the AK? including filtering? more like the AH filters?
AR MK2 Large pads: are they also improved and more sensitive?
AR MK2 Sampling capability: is it like a build in DT sampler?

Anywho i am going to upgrade! MK2’s form factor, ergonomic and aesthetic are the main reason. It’s a part of inspiration and the connection between man and machine. :3lektron:


Not likely

officially said to be very similar

more likely than not, same or better is a good guess

with added growl in the filter overdrive section