Introducing: All new Elektron stands

How do they stand up in front of the MKII ?
Is there still enough space for the cables ?
My plan is to have a Digitakt and Digitone in front of a Rytm MKII and Analog 4 MKII.

I have a 45 degree single stand for my OT and the AH does NOT fit nicely laying flat in front when using straight audio plugs. The stand would need to be taller or I’d need to buy lower profile or right angled plugs.

thank you for the answer @corpusjonsey
I think i can forget this option then… :frowning:

I love the quality of these stands and just ordered another for my AH! I wish there was a way to join my OT and AH side-by-side.

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Just put some rubber feet on the underside tabs.

The AH and OT have double height IO on the back, so there’s definitely less room if you’re using one flat in front of a stand, however if you don’t mind pulling the front machine forward a little you should be OK (just not butted up to the stand). I don’t have an AH or OT here tho so can’t confirm how far it’d need to be pulled forward.

I wish this were possible too! however the two different types of screws (side / rear) make this very difficult to achieve

Just thought I’d post a photo of my new stands! I had a single 45* for just one machine before, but decided to streamline my setup with two duals and IT IS AWESOME. Everything is so clean and tidy. Really cool.


Just did! I like them so much I figured I should do my part and show them off a little haha. (Chase from SF, CA. USA if you’re curious haha)

YES! Awesome setup dude

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Thanks! It took a while but I’m really happy with it! :slight_smile:

Love these stands. When will the 45 degree double Digi version be available again?

Hi there! any day now. There’s been a delay at my powder coaters but i called them this morning and they’re sorting it. I’ll post here as soon as they’re back, in stock - thanks for waiting!

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Back in stock! Yay

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These stands are excellent, can recommend.


Purchased! Many thanks from across the pond.

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Thank you! I hope you enjoy the stand

This is a odd question perhaps but what is the distance between the “feet holes” front to back on the 45 degree Digi stand? Want to see it if fits well enough on a Nord Lead 2 keyboard :slight_smile:

The rubber feet sit 105mm apart. I hope this helps!

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