Introducing: All new Elektron stands


Hi there, yep I’m afraid we have a few items out of stock at the moment. I’ve placed an order with my fabricators but they’re quoting a 4 week lead time! I’m pretty annoyed so may look for a new supplier in the future. Anyway, if you don’t mind waiting a month we should have plenty of stock then. Many thanks


Thanks for the quick reply! I’ll keep an eye out - do you typically send out stock updates on your email list?


Generally not because stock is always up and down. I don’t want to spam people, but I’ll drop you a message on here when they’re in


Any news on a double stand for an A4MK2 and a ARMK? And do the PL-2 dust covers still fit after mounting the machines to this kit?


Sorry we’ve not got around to looking at stands for the MKII units. Funds are very low right now and i need to buy a second hand unit before designing a stand.

Dust covers fit on most of the other stands except the “double” stand for the Digi, and the Rack Converter. The listing’s say whether the dust covers fit or not.


Hey there, any updates on the two-tier or even the single unit 45* normal edge? Thank you!


Hi! Unfortunately I’ve been badly let down by my supplier a couple of times. It’s a long story so I won’t bore you with it. The single baseplates which are used in the 2-tier and single stands are arriving tuesday. I then need to get them powder coated so I’m hoping everything will be back in stock by the end of the week or early next. I’ll post here as soon as they become available. Thanks so much for waiting!


This didn’t notify me of your reply! Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I’m still deciding between a single 45* to match my other, or a few dual stands. I’m getting a desktop rack in on Saturday that I’ve waited a few months for as well, so I’m getting excited about everything finally coming together. This way I can pretend to be done buying gear for a while (yeah right) haha. Thanks again! =)


Thanks so much for your patience! I’m happy to report the 2-Tier and single Digi stands are back in stock


That two tier stand is awesome :ok_hand::heart_eyes:


Thanks! Looks like I have to make some decisions today!


Woo! Just ordered a 2-tier for the Digi boxes and a 2-tier for the full-size boxes! =) Can’t wait!


Ordered the rack for DN/DT! Thanks for helping me get desk space back by allowing me to rack these boxes! Now to order right angle cables…


Thanks for the orders guys! I hope you enjoy using your stands. Post pics!


I have a questtion - can you use a 2-tier stand for a 3-tier setup? As in, using one elektron in the front without any riser/stand, and then having a 2-tier stand behind it? Is there enough clearance for the cables for something like this?


Ye, that should work nicely, there’s plenty of people using a machine flat with stands behind. Here’s a pic of that setup with 20º stand behind (same angle as the bottom tier on a 2-tier stand). You may have to pull the bottom machine forward slightly, depending on the thickness of the cable connectors you’re using.


Beautiful stands.


That 2-tier is super tempting…would save me some desk space for sure.


ARGH, messed up my reply by accident :rofl:

So I was saying, that looks ideal for my big box trinity then. Will buy a 2-tier stand at some point, thanks. I take it that those fixing screws are sturdy and wont wear out too fast due to attaching/detatching from the stand?


That’s great to hear! Yes the screws are stainless steel and should be fine, just don’t over tighten as you risk stripping the internal threads