Introducing: All new Elektron stands


Phew! At last our 2-Tier stands are available for the Digi’s / Heat. More info here:

Also, all other stands are back in stock after the production delay.

Thanks for looking!


Could you tell me the exact dimensions of the digi 2-tier stand?
Thank you.


Sure thing, dimensions are as follows:

Width (with machine inserted): 220mm
Depth (front to back): 300mm
Height: 320mm

Thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks, just ordered!




Prego! :slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry if I missed it but I didn’t see it up thread, is there a 2 tier for the A4 and Rytm mk2? Or only for mk1?


Sorry for the late reply. We may do a stand for the MKII machine at some point, but for now we just do the older machine shape. I’m thinking a stand that’s designed to lift one machine off the desk at an angle, to sit behind a machine flat on the desk (seeing at the MKII machines have a natural angle anyway). What do you guys think?


I’d honestly like to see the option for both. While I understand(heh) the pragmatism of having a single to lift one above the other, I happen to have a rytm that wobbles a bit; I gather I’m not the only one dealing with this affliction.


Yeah my new Analog four mk2 wobbles a bit. Kind of annoying!


I like that! Just something that’s a little stackable would help so they don’t have to be completely side by side.


Interesting. I didn’t know about the wobble issue


I’d love a stand that holds two mk2’s, personally :slight_smile:


Here’s mine,
It’s nice! :sunglasses:


YESSSS! :heart_eyes:


I am patiently waiting for my double stand. Looks very nice!!


It’s en-route dude, many thanks for the order.


How’s availability for the 2-tier MK1 stands? Thinking of using a stand with my OT and RYTM.


Good stock on those at the moment, about three of each type (low profile / standard edge), so you should be OK within the next couple of weeks. Thanks!


Hey! Just noticed the 2-tier Digitakt/Digitone/Heat stands are out of stock. Any idea when they’ll be up again? Thanks!