Introducing: All new Elektron stands


This is definitely on our radar, but we haven’t implemented it yet due to price: the stand could require two side pieces, similar to our other stands, plus two backplates for holding the machines to the sides. Retail cost would be about £100, would you be interested at this price?

Having said that, I’ve just found out that Apple sell a leather iPad cover for £129 so I think that our stands are actually pretty good value overall :rofl:


@Fraction_Industries Hello! Love your products. Any chance you’ll do another run of the low profile stainless steel at 45˚


Hey dude. Really pleased to hear you like our stands. Sadly the stainless steel versions are being discontinued for two reasons: it’s virtually impossible to laser cut raw stainless still without it getting scratched… and 99% of people ordered the powder coated version. I’ve just not got around to removing them from the website yet.


These look great. I just sent you a mail. Would love to see a two tier stand for Digitone/Digitakt/Heat. :slight_smile:


These stands are excellent! Highly recommended. I’m currently saving up to buy another two tier. :slight_smile:


Hi there,
do you know when the low profile 2 tier stand will be back in stock?


Thanks dude. We’ve done the costings and a 2-tier Digi stand is imminent!*

*A couple of months away


Whoops, I didn’t realise they were showing out of stock. We’ve got some in stock so i just adjusted the inventory. Thanks for the heads-up!


Hey FYI there are price discrepancies on just the first 3 products of the shop, they go up £10 once you click through.


Thank you for my stands they are absolutely fabulous :+1:


I know, this is a super annoying “feature” of Shopify. the shop page always displays the lowest price despite there being various options. the old stainless steel stands are discontinued (because everyone bought power coated), i just haven’t got around to removing them from the site yet.


Can you make the same kind of stands for Waldorf Pulse2/Blofeld (same style) and also for SH01a/SE02? That’d be fab. Love your work. Highly recommend.



Have you explored any solutions for attaching a dt to an ak?


Ooh, that’s awesome! Will need one of those. :slight_smile:


Hi there! I looked into this and can’t find a solution because there’s no mounting points on an AK. However, the Digi attached to our 45º stand and positioned behind the AK (flat on the desk) might work ok.

EDIT: i just checked the dimensions of the AK and it’s about 80mm high. The bottom lip of the Digi when attached to a 45º stand is 65mm so will sit below the AK. Probably not a good solution unless you raise the Digi on a riser of some kind. Sorry about that


thanks Rob! Yes we’ll be working on new products soon hopefully. I’ve had some storage issues at home recently so that’s sent everything a bit crazy here, and put things on hold. Hopefully this will be rectified soon


Do lids fit while mounted (on the double digi stand)?


There’s no gap in the middle so you wouldn’t be able to fit the lids on the ones i have. If you had the single stands then yes because there’s about 1/4 to play with.
Hope that helps



That’s correct. We tried leaving a gap in the middle during prototyping but found it created a weak spot where the backplate might bend during particularly frantic button hitting sessions. Therefore we sacrificed the lids and concentrated on good stability instead.


Apologies to the folks who are waiting for the rack converters and other products which are currently sold out. My metal fabricators have hit a snag in production but are working hard (I hope) to correct the issue