Introducing: All new Elektron stands


All good man looking forward to seeing what you come up with. I’m hoping for a two / three tier design!


Friendly bump: Stands are selling well but there’s still plenty in stock. Please get in touch if you have any questions :diddly:


All you need for the pl2 covers to fit is two small washers between the unit and stand! Job sorted


It’s OK, the cover will fit anyway because the sides of the stand are low profile and don’t go all the way to the top edge of the unit


Hey! When will the Elektron Single Tier Stand (20º angle) black powder coat be back in stock? Very interested in the single box flat, single box behind look!


Hey Ian, I have a batch at the power coaters right now so they should be in stock next week. Thanks!


Hey folks, I know some of you have been waiting for new stands to arrive. Just to let you know everything is currently in stock



I love my DT/HT rackmount kit and I would absolutely buy a kit like that for the Avalon Bassline.


Glad to hear it!

We’ll be developing more products soon (it’s a slow process) so the avalon might get looked at


Tried to order a couple from the website. Do they not ship to the US?


Looking into this right now so hang tight


website should be working fine now


These stands are great. Thick metal makes for sturdy and secure mounts. Fastened to my gear quickly. The angle is perfect for me. Thanks!


Agreed, I got my 2 tier last week. Best stand out there.


Aww thanks guys, I’m really pleased you like my stands :heart_eyes:

Great looking setup there Randy!



After a short hiatus due to a technical problem at our fabricators, all the stands are back in stock! Thanks :slight_smile:


These are the best stands in my experience. Super strong and they will out live the gear they hold. They don’t add bulk to the gear and have enough options to make them work with a variety of setups.

Unless you’re looking for the aesthetics of wood these are the way to go for sure!. I may have to grab a rackmount version soon :slight_smile:


Awesome feedback there dude - THANKS!


Thanks for making some awesome stands :sunny: !

Just wanted to add that the owner of this company is a kind, generous, and fair person, if you’re into supporting those types of people :wink:


I could really use a two tier stand for digitakt/digitone/analog heat size boxes :slight_smile: