Introducing: All new Elektron stands


That’s a very valid point, which is why we’re working on a 35º stand (which will match the angle of a Heat stand we’re working on). I’ll post it on here when it’s ready. Also, don’t forget there’s a 20º stand, which matches the bottom tier of the 2-tier stand exactly - incase you have three elektron boxes


what’s holding that heat? don’t see it on the website…


That’s a VESA stand I nabbed from work, Fraction doesn’t sell it.


We’re designing a Heat stand right now and are working with our steel fabricators to make something really unique and special. I think you guys are going to love it. Watch this space!


Thanks to everyone who’s placed order for the new stands recently! The 2-tier low profile stands are low stock but more are arriving soon. If you’d like to reserve one, please get in touch. Thanks!


What’s the cost of shipping to the USA?


Yo! Shipping to the US is £10 (it actually costs me £17 but i charge £10 because I’m nice like that)


Update: We’re currently developing stands for the Heat and Digitakt, including at stand that will hold both side by side. Prototypes will be arriving in about 2 weeks with the first production batch here in about a month. I’ll post pics in this thread when they’re ready


Ahoy there! New product alert!

These are prototypes for our new Analogheat / Digitakt stands. Finished products will be powder coated black…

20º stand

45º stand

This stand holds two machines side by side

19" rack converter for two machines

The angles on the stands match our other products, so can be use side by side and look awesome.

We’re very excited about these new products and hope you are too. I’d love to hear what you guys think :slight_smile:

Introducing Digitakt

the 19" rack is a beauty. well done



Some folks have asked about single tier configurations with a machine flat in front. In short, this is a great combo. There’s plenty of room under the rear machine for cables when using MKII boxes (MK1 machines should be OK when the front machine is brought forward a little, but I’ve not been able to test it out)

check out the pics:

Also, first bach of the Heat / Digitakt stands should be here soon. Very exciting!


On the above stand, can you tell me these two measurements:

  • total depth of stand
    -height from table surface to the faceplate edge/lip of the MD



Hi there!

depth of the stand is 175mm
distance from the desk to the front lip of the machine is 63mm

cheers :slight_smile:


Not having to stand up to be able to read the Heat’s display is a treat, the stand is totally awesome! A great no-nonsense solution, Can def recommend it!!


Much appreciated!


Got any updates on the Digitakt stands?


yes! they’ll be ready tomorrow hopefully


Any updates on the volca versions?


I’ll be starting to design these very soon. Sorry about the delay, I’ve been extremely busy with the Heat / Digi stands plus some other stuff and the Volca range is next priority!


These new stands are now in stock guys! Limited quantities in the first batch (especially in the double stand), but more will follow soon.