Introducing: All new Elektron stands


Great! watch this space


Nice work man. Good luck with your venture.

Now… If someone could design a stand that holds an a4 and a M32, I’d buy that in a heartbeat


Do these stands fit Mark 1 Machinedrums as well as the new black boxes? (I am hoping to find a solution that fits both)


Sweet man! I signed up for the mailing list, hope I can grab one of those two-unit stands next time they’re available. You do ship to the US correct?


Yep, no problem there - there’s enough clearance underneath for either machine


Yep, shipping to the US is no problem. I’ll post on here when they’re available again


I’d buy a single tier 45 when the protective cover can stay put


No problem. I’ve had quite a few inquiries about stands that accommodate the protective cover. I’ll be designing and prototyping these soon and they should be available in about a month.


A small number of 2-tier stands are back in stock. More are arriving soon :slight_smile:


Would love to get my yankee hands on one of those! I’ve sent you a message. :slight_smile:


Your 2-tier stands look great and are just what I need. I’ll be keeping an eye out for when they’re available.


They’re available right now! visit the website and there’s one left of the powder coated batch. Thanks


Has anyone received theirs yet?

I ordered mine 17 days ago and still haven’t received mine. Additionally, the tracking number provided doesn’t work. I get the following message: “Unable to track this shipment: Could not find shipment with tracking number ########”

@Fraction_Industries, I sent you an email as well.



Hi! I got your email. Apologies the deliveries are taking so long, I think I need to be clearer about delivery times on the website due to using a discount rate. Either that or put the prices up, which I don’t want to do.

Your parcel was delivered yesterday apparently. If you definitely haven’t received it let me know and I’ll need to get proof of receipt etc. from the shipping company.

Thanks for your patience. Again, I’m sorry shipping took so long but I hope your find the stands worth waiting for :slight_smile:


Mine is here and doing the job. :ok_hand:


Heck yeah, that looks cool AF.

Send a pic of your studio including the stand to be featured on our Blog and Instagram - to (include your instragram name if you have one)


I am absolutely in love! Worth every penny and thanks for shipping across the Atlantic!


Hi guys! After a short delay due to a problem at the powder coaters, the stands are back in stock!

ALSO… I’ve added a Low Profile variant which accommodates the plastic protective cover (choose this option from the drop down menu when checking out).

AND… Elektron Rack Ears have been added.

Please visit the shop to check them out:

Or if you have questions, please email me:

Look out for more products soon! We’ve got some exciting stuff upcoming :slight_smile:


Here’s some rather sexy photos of the new style:


It’s mostly a matter of personal preference, but the 1-tier stand, pictured with the RYTM inside seems canted too much to use the drum pads comfortably.Other than that - great stuff!