Introducing: All new Elektron stands


Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to look at this thread.

We at Fraction Industries are very proud to announce new stands for Elektron boxes:

Dissatisfied with the current crop of stands on the market (no offense to the makers of stands here on this forum), we found they were either under designed, over designed, made from the wrong materials, or at the incorrect angles… so we decided to make our own. Using high quality, sturdy stainless steel and precision cut using the latest laser technology, our stands are unbeatable for protecting your equipment and delivering the controls at exactly the right angles.

check out some pics of our products below:

Photo album

All stands come with stainless steel screws, and soft rubber feet for cushioning and anti-slip properties when mashing those pads during late night groove sessions

We are launching TODAY and this forum is the first to know about our products. We have a handful of each design available, with more stock arriving in about two weeks. Also, rack ears with be available in the coming days.

Thanks for looking. If you have any questions, please post here or email :slight_smile:


I’ve created a promo code for a 10% introductory discount exclusively for members of this forum (for one week only)

use: INTRO10 at the checkout


Just ordered the powder coated 2 tier stand!

Excellent timing. I’ve been in the market for a solid stand for my Octatrack and Rytm.

Am I the first customer?



Yes you are Brett! Many thanks for the order, I guarantee you’ll love your new stand


What are the dimensions of the 2 tier stand? I couldn’t find them on the website and wanna clear some space on my workstation for it.


depth is 300mm, height is about 320mm and the feet protrude 35mm inwards


Just ordered - been looking for a good stand and this seems to tick the boxes. :slight_smile:


Great design but it’s a no-go for me if I can no longer use my protective covers. Would you consider making a version where the covers fit?


That’s a very good point and thanks for mentioning it. Yes I would definitely consider that and would need to do some prototyping.

Would anyone else on here prefer a version that works with the covers?


I would definitely be interested if they worked with the covers.


[quote=“Fraction_Industries, post:9, topic:36537, full:true”]Yes I would definitely consider that and would need to do some prototyping.

You could achieve it easily by raising the screw holes by around 4mm, I think that’s enough for the covers to fit.


what is the clearance on the bottom of the 45 angle stand? Curious if I could fit my tempest under my monomachine with cable clearance.


Clearance under the 45º stand is about 32mm. I hope that’s enough clearance for your needs


By the way, the first batch of 2-tier stands has sold out already (the response has really taken me by surprise to be honest). I’m ordering a new batch today and they should be ready in about two weeks. If anyone wants to reserve one, please email me:


I think they are awesome. Would buy a 2 tier if the protective covers would fit on it.


Cool, I’ll get working on updated version that fit the covers. They’ll probably be ready in about a month


Very cool. Congrats.


These look great! You mention Korg boxes so I’m assuming Volca - have you got any pics of these? If so will these be 3 tier? Cheers


I’d swap out my existing stands for ones that accommodate covers.


Working on the designs for the Korg Volcas currently. Hopefully will be producing a mixture of different stands to accommodate various configurations