Interface/Mixer Help

Hi there!

Wondering if someone can help me here… so I just received a multi FX unit today (Zoom 1201). I currently own a Behringer UMC1820 and I was wondering what the best solution is in order to be able to send each of my 5 synths into the FX unit at any time without having to remove cables from synths and the FX unit and so on.

I realise a multi channel mixer is probably best so I can use aux sends and returns, but then the reason I love using my UMC1820 so much is that I can split the individual tracks in Ableton and for example add a reverb plugin to channel 1 and a delay plugin to channel 2. I don’t think I would be able to do that with a mixer, would I?

Any help is much appreciated as always.


Sounds like you need a patchbay.

Keep the synths wired as preferred, but also have the ability to patch into the FX whenever.

Done some more research last night and it looks like you’re right mate. Much appreciated.

no worries