Instant pattern change and comp track

what are the chances of elektron ever implementing instant pattern changes, and the ability to set a target track as capture track to comp what you did as a new pattern?

digitone can do entirely new sound per step, it’s fast af, no idea how something seamlessly bounces through presets like that on a per step basis. I’m thinking digitakt and OT ability to hold the pattern select mode open, have a another track set as target track, or some quasi arrange mode to capture the pattern comp performance, hit record and freeform bang away through source track patterns at random while the capture track writes it all as its own new pattern using the samples and step parameters from the source track as you jump through its patterns. it would get b o n k e r s, freeform pattern swapping is the most fun performance thing, the way they have it set up in Geist 2.


being able to write/capture tricky performance riffs such as (this is really really difficult to program in) holding a fill pattern over the bar, or adding swung or off grid flourishes and accents inside a running pattern without having to lay out and calculate the right microtiming…