Instagram accounts?


I’ve got a couple of instagram accounts, one mainly focusing on hand-cut collages / music and the others dedicated to photography.



Hey, I really dig your sound, just ordered the cassette :smiley:
Keep on releasing mate !


Thank you very much :wink:


I put little snippets up here when I can :slight_smile:


Hey guys, the timing of this is great because I’m planning on releasing a lot more videos now that I have a new camera and it’s cool seeing/hearing other peoples tunes. Us music people need to stick together. I’ll follow any of you cats, hope you dig my weird playing style


Thank you so much for the support man! :grinning:


Music and electronics hacking stuff…


My music account


music – :zap:
graphic –

someday I’ll consolidate it :wink:


My music project, finally has an account:


no music yet, but lots if streetart, architecture, patterns etc.


Here’s my motion design account if anybody is interested in that.


This is where I share my beat ideas and promote my occasional YouTube stuff.


Sure do





feel free to follow me now.


Have to admit quite a few drawings and cat pictures slip through on mine still primarily I would say it is music focused