INP GA machine acting needed


If im rocking with the Md and have an INP GA machine in the kit for external sounds,after CTR AL-ing it turns weird…i do the Function+Classic-Extended return trick,but this machine keeps sounding weird after that.
The solution is to put the Md to classic mode and than back to extended,but its 2 more button presses after function+classic…and fucks up the timing.
Anyone had this issue too?
How did you solve it?


Use of CTR-AL almost always provides weirdness. What specific problems are you having?


Hello @PeterHanes ! Well the problem i have is that the incoming audio(MnM) is twisted iinside out after a ctr all ,and function-classic wont make the incoming sound return to the normal sound,they stay like that till i step to classic mode,and back to extended.than incoming audio returns to normal too.
Question 1:
How can i skip this classic-extended step?(this was my main question,and after i thought…)
Question 2:
Is it possible to have an incoming audio uneffected by ctr all?


You have to replace the trigs on ctr all machine track and then press func+classic to reload kit.
I do such things all the time))))


…i dont see any incoming audio there @Edd101 ,but i confess i cant watch the video,just the picture(first frame?)…
Course…i do this all the time too on the Md alone…(works without removing the ctr all trigs too,just mute the track :wink: ,and press function-classic at the same time)
But my issue here is with incoming audio.


This is a known bug, I think you can fix it by retrigging the input track, either manually or with a trig placed in the track.


Checked the Md bug sticky-s before posting,thinking of this might be a bug…but found nothing…maybe too much coffee…
Thanks @jeffe! Will try the placing trig idea of yours in an eyeblink and report back.


Placed trigs on all the steps on the input machine,and now it turns back normal after function+classic combo press.
Thanks a Lot @jeffe !
Btw…would there be a way to have incoming audio thats not ctr all-ed?p-locking all the steps is too much p-lock memory)and it ran out on me sometimes,so i know what is like…i dont wish it to noone :wink:


What I have done in the past is just put one ‘reset’ trig at the beginning of the pattern.

No, it won’t let you ‘reset’ the input machine at anytime you want, but at least you know it will reset when the downbeat hits. Barring that, you could just trig the key manually to reset it.

You could add more trigs to improve the responsiveness of the reset, but the fact is, it’s a bug that will not be fixed, so you have to work around it.