Initialize all Patterns with its Own Kit


Hello everyone,

My workflow is currently as follows:

Go to pattern A-1
Load Kit 1
Immediately Save Kit 1
Go to Pattern A-2
Load Kit 2
Immediately Save Kit 2
Go to Pattern A-16
Load Kit 16
Immediately Save Kit 16
Go to Pattern B-1
Load Kit 17
Immediately Save Kit 17
Go to Pattern H-16
Load Kit 128
Immediately Save Kit 128

The reason I do this is so that every pattern is tied to it’s own kit, and when I make sleight changes to the kit and sounds, they get saved and tied to that pattern.

This way I can have kits that slowly evolve over the course of the song.

Two questions:

  1. Does my workflow make sense? What naming conventions does everyone use for saving Kits? How do you keep track of variations of Kits so that you can make small changes between patterns?

  2. Is there a way to Initialize all Patterns with a New Kit and automatically save each Kit as Kit 1, Kit 2, Kit 3, etc. I haven’t anyway to initialize all patterns except doing it manually like I set forth above.

Anybody have any thoughts on all this?

Thank you!


Yes, @void made a project with that principle.


as mentioned

the file (or a version derived from it may also be somewhere in the files section iirc)


i believe you need to have at least some content in the pattern or the kit link won’t stick

so even a trigless lock on microtiming set to zero would do it or any other benign lockable parameter


They changed this behavior a few OS’s ago, for AR too…

@spinposium, I suggest saving the project as a template after your done and start from that when you make new projects, if you don’t find the template that was mentioned, if you do find it I suggest saving again after loading it so it’s saved under the new OS. Also you might be interested in this option in the settings if you haven’t seen it: