Info that should be included in a sales listing


When selling, please include the following information:

The Item and item description.

The condition of the item.

The price.

Your location (preferably in the topic. E.g. US/Germany/Sweden.)

Shipping conditions. Seller pays? Buyer pays? Carrier?

Payment methods. Fees?

Embedded pictures of the item is always a big bonus.

Analog rytm for Sale - London
(US) Synthstrom Deluge / SE-02 / Alpha Juno / TR-606 / Avalon Bassline / Pedals
(UK) Virus Snow TI, Virus C (rack), Roland SRX boards, Korg Mini KP
SOLD FS UK/WW Machinedrum MD UW Mk2
FS Octatrack (USA)
[US] FS: Elektron A4 MK1
Monomachine mkII+drive
Item sold

I’m bumping this post in order to remind potential sellers of the requirements for selling an item on Elektronauts.

The moderators are trying to review all “Sell” and “Trade” Topics but please help us out by following the requirements when you post in these Categories.





I pinned this topic again as a general reminder to all forum members.


Things to avoid:

There are no options for emojis in Title Entry for a reason

The manual inclusion of emojis starts a seller competition in increasing efforts to gain prominence and it gets messy and hard to browse

Emojis will be removed from titles to keep the forum tidy and fair

Thanks for understanding :thup:


Please remember that our wonderful mods are essentially doing this in their spare time, so make their lives easier and the forum a better place / experience for everyone by helping them help you.

Personally I always want to see location and status in the title; very easy to write:

[US] FS: Stuff or [EU] FS/FT: Things

And when sold / traded / off the market; takes you two seconds to update the thread to say [ SOLD ] FS [US] Stuff or [ SOLD] [EU] FS/FT: Things

And maybe one of the very nice mods will lock the thread for you :wink:

Can’t expect them to be constantly reviewing every FS / WTB / WTT to check for status updates can you?


A perennial favorite, and a helpful guide that has resulted in several positive transactions.


Something to be aware of…if you are a buyer, insist on payment for GOODS, not a gift to family because if you fall on a crook it is somewhat difficult to explain to PayPal that you really bought a product and didn’t send money to some friends or family…
Also the fees should be split between the buyer and seller IMHO.
Both parties use the service…but that’s up for discussion
My 0.02c