Individual output + mute mode


I 'd like to know if mute mode work with individual output ??




is there a special thing to do because when i mute BD (for example) it didn’t work :confused:


as you mute the sequencer with the pads in mute mode, it should work.

are you using the internal sequencer?

maybe you have to set the track routing to not send the bd track to the main…

what exactly do you wanna do and what happens?


You need to actually assign them to be individual outs. Can be done in the main menu iirc


I want to use individual output BD track and all other tracks to main output,
I desactivate BD track to Route to main . It works, i hear BD track only on the individual output but when i mute BD track on Mute mode it didn’t work :confused:


do you have an internal sequence running with bd hits? or are you hitting the bd pad manually or sequence it externaly? because as i wrote before, the mute mode only mutes the sequencer, not the sound itself…


Yes sorry i have internal sequence running and trigs in BD track


wow sorry i realise that may be this pb is only when Akai MPC triggering in midi the BD tracks… i check this thing tonight


Ok thanks a lot :slight_smile: