Increase +Drive size?


Hi guys,

I had a search, but couldn’t find a similar topic, so apologies if already discussed.

But is it in anyway feasible to increase the + Drive size?

Appreciate if so it would require installing new hardware, but wondered if the software design, and hardware design internally made this a non-starter?

I would love to fill the rytm up with GBs of sample chains, and being able to put a 64gb/128gb drive inside would be amazing.

With Strom, SDS drop and, especially for those (not me) with the mk2s with which you can sample/resample means it can fill up really quickly. I’m having to be really selective over what’s being put on the (+Drive).

Where as having it with a large +Drive full of folders of single cycle waves, chains of tuned samples, chains of drum kits, chains of different drum machines etc…



no can do buddy


Any idea why?


No one has ever tried, but I imagine the +Drive specs are tightly coupled with the firmware code.


The +drive is a chip on the board, not a separate drive with a standard interface. So there is practically no way to replace it.

But even if you could re-engineer the electronics and replace the +drive I’ll doubt the firmware would support different sizes.


That’s a shame. Would love to have a big library of samples in the Rytm as samples sound so good through the overdrive and filters!

I’d probably upgrade to a mk2 if it had a bigger +Drive, but no luck.