Impossible to send MD808/909 to my Machinedrum

Hello, since a few a weeks I try to send MD808/909 to my Machinedrum with no success…

I have the last firmware x.03 and tried with both c6 and sendSX softwares.

I tried to set differents delays, turbo speed limits, some parameters on/off, …

It seems like I do exactly as the documentation provided with rhe MD808/909 kits says.

Yesterday I tried so much that I crashed my MD :sob:

For begin, maybe someone for who it works can write his exact C6/MD settings ?

Or if you have any idea thank you to write it here :slightly_smiling_face:

Are you using a midi interface or the turbo thing?

I think I used my multiclock once, but never managed to pull it off with my audiointerface midi.

I use Tie Studio 4i4o-e MIDI Interface.

Always get errors, or endless “waiting”.

Nobody :confused: ?

have you tried a soft reset?

4ms delay works for me on a mk1.

sysex librarian seems to work for most people who can’t use C6, perhaps you’ve tried it.

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Thank you,

When I tried to upload sys files to my Machinedrum last year, I was having difficulty.
I have a mk1 UW, and kept getting errors.

I’ll give it a try with just SYSex librarian.

Is there another interface you could try?
I recently used a MOTU with C6 to send to MDUW+ without issues.

It reset itself after the crash yesterday, but maybe I should try is downgrade MD to OS 1.6 and see…

Thank you, the delay is in ms in my C6, what value should I put then?

I haven’t tried an other MIDI interface yet!

Thank you, I don’t use apple yet, so I tried MIDI SysEx file transfer utility instead of SysEx Librarian, with 4 ms, but MD still shows me “waiting”.

waiting means it’s not receiving any midi yet. can i ask the boring questions: is your kid device set in the software, and are the cables going from Tie out to MD in? have you tried a different cable?

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I just retrograde to OS 1.6 so I guess it’s linked.

Software in/out 1 --> INTERFACE MIDI in/out 1 --> MD MIDI out/in

so it worked?

Nope :disappointed_relieved:

I’m looking for an other midi interface, any advices or recomendations ?

yeah the OS shouldn’t affect this, maybe it is your midi device.

however last ditched effort

"Software in/out 1 --> INTERFACE MIDI in/out 1 "

what midi output is selected as output in the C6/sysex software? try not to involve any software midi.

does it sometimes start to receive data then gets an error or its always just eternally “waiting”?

I’m confused that you managed to transfer successfully a massive retrograde OS transfer without issue (from same midi device…), but have issues with this.

Usually something like “REC 0 MSG. 2 ERR”, and “SYSEX ERROR CODE 1”

Continious WAITING is just when I put to much delay (more than 9 ms) I think, which may be normal…

I try and retry differents output timing values in MIDI-OX to finally find the good ones on this post SendSX - How much is the built-in delay after each Sys Ex F7? - Bome Forum.

Hopefully you gave me a last hope in your last message waftlord, otherwisse I would have bought another one… Thank you, and thank you to everyone who tried to help me!