Impossible to load sound on track

hi there,

i’m a newbie in analog rytm and it’s a bit difficult to understand sound drive + and Ram but i think it’s ok now.

i load a lot of samples in the device via transfer app.

i create, rename and save these samples and transform them to “sound” in the DRIVE+ so after hours editing sound with my samples i’m finally ready to load the sound into a track and… no…

there is something i do wrong, a logic that i don’t understand when i want to load a sound on a track i’ try try again and i become mad cause it do not work

here is my process.

i do TRK + Pad 1 pad is red to select my kick

i do FUNC + MUTE

i go to sound manager

i locate the sound i want (kick for ex) Pad become violet and when i hit the pad i hear my edited sound (i’m super happy)

i do “>” then LOAD TO TRACK

device ask me LOAD SOUND TO TRACK? CONFIRM i say YES the pad is still violet i’m still happy

i go out of the menu by pressing PLAY button

the sound is not the same at all… i’m super unhappy.

what i understand with the kit construction is that i can load either a sound from Sound Pool or DRIVE + the only difference is that if i load from Sound Pool i will be able to change the sound with another sound of the Pool on each trig. is it right?

but i can also use the DRIVE + to feed my track kit is it right?

so why the hell when a device ask me "do you want to load the sound into that track? and i do YES when i exit the SOUND MANAGER menu i do not listen this particular sound on that particular track but another one that have nothing to do?

can you help me before i kill myself?


hi everyone,

in the manual it says:
Remember, all Sounds may not be loaded to all tracks. If a Sound in the list is incompatible
with the active track, it may not be sound locked. When browsing the Sound pool, Sounds
that are incompatible with the active track are shown with a flashing (!) symbol on the
screen. As are empty Sound pool slots.

Ok but for my imported samples/synth that i transform in sounds how the device know if the sound is compatible or not? what is the interest of that feature?
i want to be able to drop my synth sound on the pad i want, any pad… i don’t unerstand the interest of this limit

Pad is red i can’t load the sound, pad is purple i can… i’d like all my pad purple for all my sound and be able if i want to load a sample containing synth on the cymbal pad…

is there any way to overide this? by tagging sound differently maybe?


It’s not some arbitrary constraint - if a sound is made from a machine and/or sample which does not load on incompatible tracks (remember these analog voices are discrete and different per track, some are the same/compatible - see the manual) then it cannot load - it’s that simple. Inclusion of a sample will not prevent this but expecting a snare drum machine to load on a cymbal voice will

If you want your sounds to be fully compatible - use the machines which load on all tracks, namely noise, impulse, ground(nil)

ok so if i want my sound full compatible i have to re-save all my library on the drive+ with a impulse machine for ex…
god damn it… it will be soooooooo loooooong to do it… :frowning:

thanks anyway!

The only engines that are supported on all pads are: DISABLED, NOISE, IMPULSE

So, if you want to design a Sound that can be loaded on any Pad, you should set the Track Engine to that.

I may as well blow my trumpet here but I got Elektron to add Disabled as a machine option for exactly this scenario during the beta - I don’t mind adding that the others (Noise/Impulse) were not originally available on all tracks until I pointed out how handy this would be for sample based sounds and having pool sounds which would play on any track without issue

so i have to reedit all my drive+ library?

yep - to be fair, this would have been evident had you understood the voice architecture before creating sounds based on machines that are at best compatible with 4 tracks (e.g. bass drum)

yes i understood but the fact is that when i imported all my sound (based on sample that i tranfsered from my computer) i didn’t pay really attetntion to the engine… it was so long and boring to do that that i didin’t realise the importance of this process… i just want to edit that later tweaking parametters…
according to me it would be better to have a transfer that make possible simply drag and drop samples directly from your computer hard disc to the ELEKTRON DRIVE+ with a sort of default sound preset just with just the sample ON machine OFF and all parameters set to basic state. attack 0, decay inf, pan 0, no filter, no Amp, no FX etc etc… once it’s on the DRIVE + you can edit and save them later during pattern creation process (it’s more fun, more direct, more musical… and i think even more logic but it’s just my opinion)

i mean you could edit this basic sound preset during pattern, track and kit creation process.
then you can choose to save it on another free drive+ space.
so if you want to put a kick sample on cymbal machine it’s up to you…
so i spent 4 days importing samples to create sounds (volume of machine set to 0) but i didin’t know that it was possible to have No machine at all.

this automatic Default preset when you want to import a huge amout of samples would be nice update