'Immediate' synths


and maybe a little too clean for my taste. But yes, very melodic indeed. Great instrument for diving into the realm of FM. For connecting with subtractive synthesis, Moog Phattys are my cup of tea.


Moog Grandmother has been incredibly immediate and inspiring so far. Doesn’t hurt that it sounds absolutely brilliant. So much better than my Subsequent 37 which I ended up selling (heresy!). Best Moog in ages.

Also, my Novation Peak has had a similar effect. Not a lot of menus -all knobs and buttons that are clearly laid out and make sense.


totally different to a juno, but how about the OP1. Immediate synth?


Another vote here for the Digitone - Elektrons most immediate synth (maybe ever?). My test for immediacy doesn’t equate to 1 knob per function (Juno, 101, etc all amazing ofc) but rather how easy is it to get a different sound from the current patch or “jamability” - with this test the Digitone x-y, harmonics, and feedback are all immediate and will instantly transform your sound.

I’ll add the Dominion Club for two reasons 1. It’s smaller than it’s big brother so sits “immediately” alongside anything 2. Without menu diving you can dial in a variable LP/HP/Notch Filter, blend the digital OSC, vary the digital OSC, vary the Analog OSC for instant patch transformation. And it sounds everything between chest thumping deep and head spinning mental.


I think it would be…mine is being delivered as we speak so I should know soon enough! I’m trying to think of ways I can leave work early. The anticipation is killing me. I have a feeling I will need help opening the box due to shaking from excitement.


The digitone is a super cool synth, no doubt. But you need at least some fm experience/learning. But they made it as easy to get into as possible


Which one goes for more?


While Digitone is cool and immediate, as always with Elektron, whit just a few tweaks (Glide, optional unfixed ratios, Midi Arp) it could be near darn perfect.

But yeah, one of their best boxes. I get lost for hours with just the DN on the couch.


Yeah, I really hoped this one wouldn’t come up since it’s been haunting me the last year. Please tell me there’s something ugly/creepy/disgusting about it - maybe it smells? Yeah, for sure it probably stinks, actually.

I’ll never cave in, never!


First synth but DN is widely Immediate. So easy to use out of the box, I’ve barely put it down since it landed two weeks ago.


Here’s a picture of a butt ugly DSI synth as GAS repellent :slight_smile:ladda%20ned%20(3)


Oh but its such a cool synth

I love the dsi boxes that are that size.


I always kind of wanted that thing just so I could push the button.


Microbrute is the most immediate synth I own. However I use my eurorack a lot (12u), I find it very immediate to get what I want. Obviously this is module dependent though.


Korg ARP Odyssey has this immediacy - and the right Sound on top! Its monophonic though.

I know the feeling you describe very well. Its the reason why im not making music in a DAW anymore :wink:


I was interested to see this crop up; I thought of the Grandmother when this thread turned up.
The Grandmother is my next intended item. The saving has started.


My most hands-on synth is the Boomstar 5089.

Only problem is to get max fun out of it it needs to be on speakers and LOUD - it’s loud anyway but there’s something very different about dirty moog knob twiddling riff sequencing on headphones and played through some big speakers.

Crunchy drum loops on an Octatrack, speaker busting 5089 and Korg sq1 - it doesn’t get more immediate than that for me unless it’s a guitar


Helping! :happy: :thup:


Seriously- I’ve owned all manner of Moogs- all of the modern ones- and the Grandmother is the absolute best of them all from sound to interface. It and I shall never part.


Well. FM synthesis is complex. Elektron reduced the number of FM parameters down to 16 and added a substractive synthesis part. In this register the DN is the most immediate FM synth so far.