Imaginary things

Part of the reason I got into electronic music is something that I have rarely discussed with anyone.

When I was young, I used to imagine that there were land whales. I’m not even sure why this started, I suppose that I had some understanding of normal whales, and the existential plight they were in because the reports that they had been driven close to extinction by whaling had made it through to me in some fashion.

When I imagined this, I would be a bystander on a hill watching them go in and out of the ground from some distance, and the ground would almost “splash” off of them like water. They would carve up the landscape, and leave immense networks of dangerous caves (some collapsed) in their “wake”.

I remember wanting them to exist, and wanting very much for them to visit the city closest to where I lived (Salt Lake City).

Of course all of this is physically unlikely for fauna of any kind, and I realized later in life the nature of the earth, strata, and tectonic plates, Etc. But you can imagine my delight in discovering and reading Dune, which had sand worms that allowed me to relate in some very distant way with the imagination of Frank Herbert.

I still find myself, sometimes, attempting to soundtrack those imaginary whales with my musical devices. And, of course, I always imagine them coming up through the ground in slow motion (very dramatic) with chunks of mountain flying off of their foreheads. Naturally, I’m drawn to drone. It is still a source of inspiration for me, such as it is being founded in my ignorance and naivety as a child.

I just thought I would throw that experience out there to see if anyone else was inspired by something personal that is imaginary, or that doesn’t really exist but still affects you emotionally.


When I was young, I used to have these half awake dreams where two or three massive spheres would be moving around in a sort of rhythm, but it was absolutely terrifying for some reason. I think it was the sheer gravitational weight I felt from their imaginary presence in my bedroom.
It used to happen about once a week until I was maybe 6 years old, then it just stopped happening. Most of the rest of my life has been a failed mission to try to rediscover that cosmic horror I felt for those few seconds a week when I was small.

I only met one other person who seemed to know what I was talking about, a friend at school. He described the exact same thing I saw in my dreams and how he’d had them until he was about 6 years old. He’s dead now, killed himself when we were 19.

I think a lot of the music I make is an attempt to try to relive the dreams I still remember.


I thought i was a genius.
Then came internet.


I can relate. As a child my dreams were very vivid. Sometimes i even mixed up dreams and reality which i discovered by getting older, realising those experiences couldn’t be reality. Throughout my life i still experience vivid dreams, sometimes true nightmares but also strange beautiful dreams.
One of the dreams I had and still have since my childhood is the total loss of gravity between moon earth and all planets, experiencing a massive swing of our planet into the void. I also dream a lot about weird space ships and objects in the sky. I go outside my house and see them all floating around. As a child i thought this experience was real until my grandfather explained me this was a dream. I still have this dream and although it’s still a bit freighting I really enjoy the sight of it all happening. I’m now learning to design 3D objects to use in my music artwork… and i also like doing drone sessions on my Evolver :milky_way: it’s cool to read that other people also have these type of dreams. Greetings :alien:
Ps. Sorry for the loss of your friend…@fin25


In the USA, land whales exist!
It’s not your imagination.

Dreams are fantastic though.


My best dream was certainly flying, also sometimes I would loose the concentration and feel the gravity very heavily until I get it back a bit too close to the ground. Sometimes I managed to get back in the air with a beautiful parabolic curve while feeling the acceleration in my guts. And sometimes I would dismally crash and find the floor next to my bed.

Cool thing about my dreams is that I can get back to them if I still remember them, so I could finish the failed experience, learning from this.
Wish there was such “reload” ability in real life :tongue:


I used to think I had ultrasonic hearing and with enough practice Id be able to use echolocation and hear things my dog hears.
After a couple years of walking in to furniture every night in the dark and tripping over the dog I couldnt hear, turns out its tinnitus and its not imaginary at all.
Why is God so cruel?


I have dreams like this too!
Sometimes it feels like second nature and I don’t need to think about moving through the air. Sometimes it’s belabored and takes focus to even glide a little.

At this point dreaming feels like a second fleeting reality that I can revisit in ways. Sort of an organic VR that can perfectly replicate past dreams or make up wild new visions from the subconscious.


I think I can relate.
When I was young I had these periodic dreams in what I experienced a sense of existential dread connected to something like a wall of vastness which was somehow patterned in a repeating fashion and was utterly terrifying, and often accompanied by some sort of droning sound.

Looking back, I’ve considered that it was somehow connected with facing the unfathomable vastness of Being and that perhaps there’s a reason that it occurred in childhood (when separation is in process).



It’s interesting that you link it to existential dread, I totally feel like it was related.

Shortly after the dreams stopped I had my first existential panic attack whilst listening to Paula Abdul on my brother’s Walkman.


Paula Abdul and panic attacks…I’ll have to sleep on that one, then consult Jung’s Red Book to see what he has to say about it :face_with_monocle:


starting to make sense now… on foamy earphones too. horrific.


…paula abdul is a landwhale…?..and samantha fox is not…?
what’s porn and what’s a madonna choreo…?
american brit awards…
is it just a mad world because the dreams in which i was dead, where the best i’ve ever had…?
elctronic body music…bodyelectric…eclectic electric trick…
no new kids on the block…no brittney…even free again…without a little help from sweden…
while still dreamin’ beats…but hey, someone promised me poems…
i better rest…
nap for peace…dreamin of a better tomorrow…


I had recurring dreams/nightmares as a kid, about a planet that was see-through like glass, with black tubes going through it from one side to the other. And a sense of unexplained dread. There was always a particular sound, that I could never recall when awake, a simple arpeggio, I think. I heard it once when awake and it chilled my blood. Nobody else in the house heard it.

I wish I could play that sound, I’m sure it was the Lost Chord.


…fun aside…

when i was young, i had daydream nightmares…all sound around me started out of the blue to become part of a giant choir of whispering, joining voices in some kind of rising but also totally emotionless icecoldish uberattitude…
some day i found out…the only instant cure against it, was bob marley or whams “club tropicana” played very loud on my first stereo…
no wonder, i’m so deep into dark sonic shit ever since…even if it’s pop…


When I was young I used to rub my eyes and see pretty shapes and colors


Are you hypoglycaemic?
I had (and still do get) similar visual images like that. Turned out my sugar was really low. Now if I get a bit “floaty” and start seeing a glowing ball, I scoff a bag of lollies.

On topic: I’m an awesome bassist!

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Oh yeah, always loved phosphenes!
I used to try to “read” them…

@Fin25 your scary stories makes me remember my school when watching Matrix for the first time. Thinking of our world as some kind of lab experiment had been one of the ideas I had been playing with at some point, trying to find something that wouldn’t fit, some bug, in our constructed apparent reality.


Phosphenes. Lay back on a sunny day with your eyes closed, enjoy the glowing web-patterned tubes. Pure energy.


When i’m alone in my flat i like to imagine there’s peace on earth and all is right with the world. Then i go outside and know that will never be possible.

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