I'm trying to use the Heat as a midi interface for my NYX


Hi, the goal of today is to send midi from Live to my NYX through the Heat MK2. Any tips, tutorials, advice or thoughts?



midi out (or USB) from your computer to heat midi in (or USB) and heat midi thru to nyx midi in :wink:

Set a different midi channel for heat and nyx.


I’m not sure if the Heat is capable of bridging from USB midi in to DIN midi out/thru, because none of the other Elektron devices can do this. The manual is also not clear about this.


Sorry, I thought it was possible but I checked and you are right.


So I’d have to get a midi-usb converter in this case? To send midi from Live to the NYX.


Sure, or something like this


That’s a bummer! Thanks…


Yeah, it kind of is, sorry