I'm thinking of getting an analog 4 again


I had one years ago, and liked it but sold it for silly reasons.

Here’s my question. I’m deciding between an A4 and an Akeys. I do however already have a fullsized midicontroller. Is there any reason I couldn’t just just midi my controller to the A4 and basically have a 88key Akeys?

On a side note is the A4 II really worth the extra expense?


There is no reason. It will work fine.

It completely depends on your needs. For me the extra individual outs are worth it.


I would go for a4 mk2 if you need separate outputs,and mk1 if you don’t. I like the sound of mk1 better. So you could go for a4 keys if you need thouse extra outputs and you like the form factor.


I really prefer mk2 to mk1. Sound (new distorsion is ace), Perf pot, screen… all valuable upgrades IMO.
Mk1 has the form factor though :wink:
But you finally get used to the Analog mk2.

Renewed my love for the A4!


For me, the biggest difference maker on the AK is the joystick.
If you’re a modulation nerd, it’s heaven. I prefer having both A4 and AK at my disposal :slight_smile:

As for the MK2, I prefer the size of the MK1 and am okay with the older screen and buttons (even though my OT MK2 sure is fancy!). I use Overbridge for individual outs (on the AK as well).


could never do without the mkii overdrive
too critical for shaping stuff, especially thickening drums


Consider your desk space and go from there.


I have the analog four 1

But really, if i had the space i would just get the keys. I like the mk2, but its so big that id rather just have a good keyboard like whats on the keys.

The individual outs would be really handy for applying effects

The only reason id pick the mk2 is if i wanted to interface with modular gear. The cv inputs are a nice addition

Edit: another thing worth noting. On the keys, the track buttons are on the left. I like that better


I have a mk1 but I’m tempted by the mkii purely for the higher bandwidth via USB with Overbridge. I will probably stick with the mk1 though because then I would need to update the Octatrack to mkii as well and get a new 2 tier stand etc… from being disinterested in Overbridge with v1 it’s now become important to me as v2 is developed.


Bought a mkii a week ago. Its Awesome!! But i do enjoy playing keys, so have the midi out of a Sub37 for the keys, pitch and mod wheel. The adittional expression makes a vast difference, even on the basic presets. And opens up the pallet in new exciting ways.

If you are less of a programmer and enjoy more interactive experiences with instruments then keys are really helping me gel with the A4mkii…

But any midi keyboard would turn an A4 into the above. Also someone mentioned the outs. I do have track 4 going out to a bigsky and fed back into the ext in for a different flavour on one channel, you could use any out board i guess. Not sure if that is relevant to your question.


If you can find a mk1 for a good price- absolutely do that. It’s hardly an investment/risk at that point. You’ve already got the fond memories of what used to be.

I got my A4 mk1 for $450.

Save up for the mk2 I’d say but periodically check eBay for people that aren’t getting the bid action they were hoping for on a no reserve auction. Boom


Ok, that’s a very good point indeed :tongue:


I am not without sympathy for the poor soul that let go of such a machine for so little.

When I clicked the “pay for your order” button I was like, “Sorry bro, it be like that sometimes” click


I’ve only ever owned the MK2, so I wouldn’t know, but folks do seem to prefer one over the other. I like the 4 outs, CV and some say you can get better bass sounds, but again I wouldn’t know. The distortion is very nice. My favorite thing about my A42 is the drums/perc, honestly. If I hated using it as a synth (I don’t), I’d keep it as a drum machine.
I dunno, I think it’s fantastic. I’d even be tempted to add an A41 if the price was right. A4 and OT together makes me happy :slight_smile:


I knew you would be back. Nice bargain too.