I'm searching for a modwheel

It needs to send that midi modulation like that thing on keyboards.
It needs to has standard midi din.
Do you know if there exists something?
And if it’s a portable joystick?
I’d like to modulate the digitone with it - but don’t want to use a full fledged keyboard for it (also no 25 key things ).

Thank you very very much for any tips!

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Are you handy with hardware or coding? Pretty much any knob (pot or encoder) on a MIDI controller can send a CC value. It’s just CC 1.

Do you want a quick and durty way to get CC1 msgs in?
Do you want a long term, custom solution?
And if the latter, are you good or interested in building something, coding something, or want a plug &play option?

I would prefer a solid plug & play option - I found some arduino / midi-shield solutions, but I’d prefer some ready to go solutions.

Thank you!

$85 bucks.

It’s more than what you want in some ways.

And less too i expect.

ADDED: This one looks very clean btw.

I’ve made something like this with two joysticks and the Audiofront Midi Expression Quattro.
I guess i’d make mod wheel out of wood, attach it to a 10K pot and one of the Audiofront products, depending how many wheels you had.

ADDED: Looks like you or somebody else here bought the MCS2 i linked – it was available when i post this, now 10 minutes later it’s gone. There’s another at reverb for $10 or so more, but not in as nice shape, far as i can tell from the pictures.

I would recommend the Expressive E TOUCHÉ. I use it for CV things, but it does have a midi out. I have also thought about using it with my Digitone, but have not ventured there yet. It is very expressive, and you can set it up how you like it with their software editor.

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You mean something like this?


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Have you ever seen these for sale anywhere?
I contacted the company and got no reply months ago.
I fear that it is vaporware.

Can you have it hold it’s position or does it bounce back to center?


Sorrily “no”. But time flows differently in Italy, you know? 6 months since the preview isn’t that much. Hope dies last, I guess … :wink:

I’m looking at a ROLI Lightpad Block M for such purposes.

It may require a DAW as the go-between but anything that makes my A4 more AK-ish, could be worth it.

details on mapping/script: https://support.roli.com/support/discussions/topics/36000007583

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Nice the way the two ROLI products fit on top of the NORD !

yea, and that’s the non-M version

The new M version should offer an even greater “touch” experience

And these ROLIs are apparently USB-MIDI host compatible, so perhaps I could use it direct into the A4 via my iConnect host.

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Any small tablet working as a XY controller should do the job (with just one device), right?

If you are cool with touch screens (glass), yea.

I’m not.
This is different thanks to the silicon layer.
And it also adds pressure sensitivity.

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The physical device itself always springs back. But there is something like a hold function, where you hit the button, and it holds the values where they are, even if you let go of the device.


I went to manual for clarification. They call if “Freeze”, not hold.
“The Encoder also gives you a special feature called “Freeze” : pushing the Encoder will freeze the data sent from the four Shifings. Touché shows that it is freeze mode when its four LEDs are blinking. If you release your hand from Touché while it is in Freeze mode, or press it in any way, it will maintain the controlled parameters at the frozen value. Pushing again the Encoder will unfreeze Touché.”


That Expressive E TOUCHÉ is really expensive.

I guess I will overthink it and tend to a custom selfmade wheel…
I will need to investigate.

Thank you!


It’s a shame youre against a 25 key kybd. Axiom used to have a model with DIN MIDI, 25 keys, some pads, etc. Pretty inexpensive at the time. I sold mine in favour of an Impact because: reasons.

Another option that might be less coding than an Arduino is a BomeBox or another translator and any hardware MIDI knob device and just translate. Lots of stuff you can do with a BomeBox, but all depends on where your next steps in what you want to do artistically mught be

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Well, I already have a keystep, but actually hate the “wheels” of it very much - this, and portability if I want to go without a keyboard brought me to the idea.
I had an analog four times ago - and what I miss on the digitone is an performance macro. With the mod wheel I could emulate this in a proper way.

Now I need to take my time and look through all options. Thank you all for your input!

I made some progress that now works atm for me:

I put digitakt midi out into digitone in.
I now send with the digitone sync, transport and cc1, and notes over the keyboard I hooked into the takt. :wink:

Anyway, if I use a keyboard on the miditrack on the digitakt, i cannot pitchbend or modwheel with the keyboard (because I feed midi into the miditrack of the digitakt and not directly into the digitone) - I don’t know exactly why exactly, but if I’m on the road with digitakt+tone, this solution works great.

I guess I need a merger.

keyboard -> merger
digitakt -> merger
merger -> digitone

In the end I guess I really need to do a wheel on a teensy that sends cc1 on channel 10 or something.
I want to avoid that, I don’t like soldering and stuff.