I'm biting the bullet

I found myself in a position where I can buy a mint mk2 +drive for a nice price, and after deliberating with myself, I decided I’m getting it

I’ve watched most youtube videos on it, as well as read a lot of this part of the forum and read the manual

my question is, anybody got some interesting content or tips or things that might not be easy to find on the internet ?



First tip: take your time. And I mean, dedicated time.

External FX can be interesting.

The arp can go pretty deep.

Filters need small tweaks.

Check @Lem’s free pack.

And Æ’s files.

Go full forensics on them.

And don’t stop experimenting before you hit SOPHIE’s sound.


Good find and good luck. Welcome to Elektron’s best synth!

Man, that is quite a find. I wish I could find one of those. I did find a machinedrum today. It’s eBay though and that can get a little scary.

When I got mine I was locked inside during a snow storm so I went through the whole manual with the unit in front of me and made some awesome patterns along the way. Then lost them all because I didn’t realize how the +Drive worked, so make sure you figure out the saving first.

Also, get those Immortal Waves single cycle files!

And don’t overlook multi-trig mode, you can get some awesome grooves that way!

Have fun!

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damn, seller changed his mind, couldn’t bear separating with his monomachine, and cancelled the sell, back to looking for one at a reasonable price

You need to act quick. Hes in cooldown mode. Point out the reason he was selling. Dont give up hope yet :slight_smile:


Monomachine is for closers.


ha ha ha. this almost made me spit out my coffee

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Put. That coffee. Down.


ha ha

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