iLoud Micro Monitors - Anyone using these?


I have the single iLoud speaker and use it in my small studio setup (due to limited space I need something small). I really like it but I’m not happy that I basically have no stereo seperation so I was thinking about changing to a pair of iLoud micro monitors. Is anyone using these? What do you think of them?


I’m not sure about these in particular but I think the recommendation is to not get cones that are too small cause you’ll lose a large chunk of low end, as in it will be non existent. It can easily cause you to over compensate and blow your mixes out everywhere else. It might be best to spring for decent cans if you’re working in a small space and use the monitors for solely jamming/arranging purposes. Coming from someone using hs5s I wouldn’t go smaller than that, they severely lack low end. go for something that isn’t rear ported too. Ive heard good things about jbl 305s


Hi there. I have 'em. I also have large monitors and good headphones too though. I think for the size and price they are amazing. You don’t get a massive boom in the bass or any super loud knock from them in general but the sound quality is there and you do even get a reasonable amount of bass from them to at least reference the lows a bit. More bass than any other speaker I’ve heard at this size.

I generally use them for travel and in my home office studio. I make beats here and there on em and they serve that purpose well enough.

Basically they do a good job for what they are, very small monitors. Proper mixes would definitely need to be listed to on large monitors as well though. Could work as a start off pair of monitors I’d suppose.


the iLoud Micro Monitors are awesome for their size and price.

I though replaced them with the much bigger but also even cheaper JBL LSR305 which are superb.


I got a pair of these today, I wanted them for when I want to monitor at lower levels in my very small room, I also have Equator D5’s and the little iLouds are a bit brighter in the upper mids and highs, and surprisingly quite good in the low end above about 65hz. I have not experimented with the switches yet or compared a wide range of material between them and the D5’s but I intend to in the next couple of days, but in the meantime I’m very impressed with them based on the hour or so I tested them. I like that they are tiny in dimensions yet quite big in sound if turned up.


I have them and use them whenever I travel or when I jam with friends without studio monitors. Can’t really say I use them for mixing, but given the price and the size (the reason I bought them was to get something portable) they sound good.


I got a pair about 10 days ago, was blown away with the quality of sound.
Really great stereo image, not mucked about much with the switches as I’ve only used them on a table…
Very impressed and worth the money, I bought the bag too just to tidy it all up.
Find the high end clear, even revealing noise in mastered material I’d not noticed before. The bass is really good too, listening to sub bass it’s all there…
My modular system sounds astounding through them, going to hook the Rytm up this week hopefully!


Yeah it’s crazy given the size, seems that a lot of these DSP based monitors have significantly upped the game in the last few years.


Need to check these out, thanks for the tip.


I got a pair since two years ago and I find them way better than the jbl lsr305 that I was using previously.
I got my musical toys in a corner of the living so it’s an untreated room, but the sound of the iLoud is nice and less “boxy” than the jbl.