IK Multimedia UNO Drum


This “thing” grabbed my attention…I’m not sure if I can import a few samples in though…

That’s the 1st thing I thought of too.

Demo sounded fine.

it’s kinda nice … a few AA batteries and you’re jamming on the park

I cannot wait for the uno drum. Seriously excited! Couple questions- hoping someone from IK sees this.

Is there a solo button or just mute? Can you unmute several tracks at once?

Are there choke groups like for the hi-hats?

Are there individual pattern lengths? Can the overall pattern length be less than 64?

Finally can humanize be applied to individual instruments or just the overall groove?

Thanks, cannot wait to pick this up regardless!!

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Looks pretty interesting, might grab one of these.


Paired up with Volca Drum you’d be pretty set for most electronic music drum needs, to me these are far more interesting than dull clones and they can still easily cover that territory if wanted.

I’d like IK to do a Uno format mixer next, 8 stereo inputs, fx, battery powered, sign me up.


Final hearing some nice sounds from this with haQ attaQ. You can skip in 1:10, to avoid intro, and then there’s only 5 minutes left.

Stray thought – i see the Uno Drum get paired with the Uno Synth – obviously the maker gets a two-fer promoting both together. But i also see an aesthetic with the Modal Craftsynth V2 and Skulpt. Bang for buck with all four.

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Love the haQ attaQ! Interested in this machine. But it does lead me to fantasise about a sampler from IK. Maybe next time?

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Got mine today! Super fun, I really like it. My main criticism for now would be that the buttons don’t seem to trigger super consistently. I’ll hit it and sometimes it won’t register or react. It’s imprecise and a little bothersome but maybe something they can address in a firmware update?

I recommend it!

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Hey ddiamond, can you give us your feeling about Uno drum, now you have surely a solid opinion about it.
Are there other Elektronauts that own and use it ?

Check out the Stimming review on YouTube.
“The machine isnt useable and I wouldnt buy it”


I really like it! I have a tr-8s, machine drum, Drumbrute impact DFAM tt-606 and I’ve had rytm 2 and a bunch of others. It’s great!

It’s not perfect, but it’s really fun to play and get something going quickly, the fills and rolls are really fun, and I haven’t had any real noise issues. And so portable! I recommend it!

Thanks for the reply.
I find it a bit like korg volca drum, I was wondering wich of them is more tweakable and offering variable sound.