If you’ve been looking for good prices

Ravish me
Been trying to sell a Subsequent37 at stupid prices too for over a year.


Too funny!
Tbh, I’ll be buying smaller stuff. I would LOVE to buy that moog but I’m not that well off. Lol
Now, if you have a nord drum 2, make noise 0-coast, or boss rc-505 for a steal, I’m interested.

And btw, I’m more interested in people’s opinions and not trying to screw ppl over.


There’s a scale aspect to the underlying question, I reckon. If someone has been fortunate enough to have disposable income to spend on gear, then have to sell it to get through a hard time, that’s one thing. The real scumbags will be the landlords evicting people, banks forcing people to sell their homes for cheap, and the property investors that will be happy to profit. I wouldnt worry too much about a good deal on a synth in comparison.


We have a new tv ad in france, i saw it first time two days ago,from a supermarket chain. A guy and his son in a utilitarian car, aparently a commerce guy, go to a cheese factory, surely in order take cheese to his shop. After loading the cheese in the car, on the way back, the son is reading the bill. ‘ dad, didnt the cheese price goes way up??? ‘ dad: ‘ yeah, but dont worry it worth it’.
So supermarket is already communicating on a price rise of basic thing, to the mass, on tv. No question i think there will be low price on second hand synth, the question to me is will there be enough money to catch them after buying the pasta at the new prices…


And countries are closing out exports as well, exciting times… sigh

Just don’t be a douchey lowballer, prices will match what the market feels is fair.

I have a few eBay searches for stuff i really want but nothing is yet getting pinged, i expect as this goes on that will change in a few months. But by then i’ll be just as risk-averse.

We’re all stressed out. I’ve been trying to avoid GAS but it’s a quick rush when all is on fire.

Shit, i’ve been doing really well at eating vegetarian and with limited delivery options i’ve been caring less the last week or so, but trying to be patient and not beat myself up too much.

Windowshop in your head, but always keep in mind that there are people suffering worse than having to sell at a minor loss.


I want to say Thank You! to all the nice people i’ve met oh so briefly in my life, the maybe one in five; when i was selling something small, whatever i might have at the time 'cuz i needed the money and it was what i had. And those people not only didn’t haggle on the price, but they would throw in an extra twenty, and smile and make nice conversation, and just be major dudes and dudesses. I’ve not forgotten you, and now for once that i can be on the other side of that, it feels very good to do so.


I’ve had to do the quick sale thing when i was desperate for $$ and it was always a relief when it sold - so i wouldn’t feel bad if the shoe was on the other foot.

Tip for anyone in this position is not to say youre selling because you need money, better to say youre downsizing or something and would rather have it sold sooner or later - less encouragement to the vultures that way.


I’ve been thinking the same thing

If I had to buy anything from a retailer now, I’d definitely be asking what their best price was, and be like, really that’s your best?
I’d feel like a dick, but It’s my first time unemployed in 15 years :cry:


In Norway it’s the opposite right now. Our currency has taken a massive hit due to covid and lower oil prices and some music gear has seen a 50% price hike overnight. Somewhat counterintuitively I decided to go to my favourite music store in town and spend some cash anyway (I’ve been self-isolating for two-three weeks now - this was a worthy exception). Usually I’ll buy used to save money, but in this situation I wanted to support local business, especially since I’m lucky enough to have kept my job.


Filter Musikk? :wink: Ordered something from them a couple of days ago. My duty as a working citizen is to spend as much i can afford these days. Keeping everything afloat! hehe

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Yesss, you know it!

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I read somewhere some bloke bought an OT instead of buying decent meals for his family for a few months. Why feel bad for somebody who does this?

I’ll probably have to sell my DDJ-1000 due to the situation.
Prices have come down a little, not a lot, but they do fluctuate so it might not be related.

I got it for gig prep, and, well…

Hopefully the market stays fair for it, with DJs not so hard up looking for something they can use for live streams.

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So sorry to hear that!



probably be an interesting balance. prices will drop because less people have the disposable income for gear. and some who have the disposable income may be afraid to use it; with all the uncertainty right now, you never know if it will become less disposable in a week, month, etc… but if then prices are super low… well it gets quite tempting!

personally I’d like to sell some gear, as spending more time in the studio has caused me to streamline things. but I guess now I’ll be forced into that suggested “put it in a closet for a few months before you sell it off” idea.


People are vultures, honestly if you actually consciously think about it and feel any kind of empathy you’re doing better than most. Lots of people will talk nice about the subject but the second a cheap piece of gear pops up it will be gone as fast as it appears. This isn’t a direct at anyone, the people in the thread are not going to be the hundreds of people lurking who don’t think twice. If you’ve ever sold something because you need to you’ve probably seen the reality of it, I’ve gotten some shitty offers in the past


You’re assuming that people are not paranoid enough to buy second hand gear that might be infected