If there was an Elektron VST recreation, which would you want to see?

If a company (like Arturia, u-he, etc.) made a high quality recreation of an Elektron box as a VST, which would you like to see? I think I would vote for the MnM since it’s discontinued and still very unique.

I know this idea is a little silly. A lot of the advantages Elektron offers stem from using hardware. Some may bring up overbridge, but I’m talking about a strict all in the box fantasy.


I would love to see a VST recreation of the Sidstation, with a non-data-entry interface.


Oooh, good one! I completely forgot about the SS!

Following out of professional interest / curiosity / market research…



…but with the same lofi fx


I want a machinedrum but cant ever find one…so that…


Agreed, the MD would be sweet. I haven’t looked closely, but does this one emulate it? Even if it does, it would be cool to see one more developed or closer to the original. http://www.audiospillage.com/elecktroid.html

Demos sound great!, very microtonic…
Its AU for Mac though, so that counts me out…

Octatrack Mk3!!! It turns your graphics card into an analog filter. And you can speak to it, or yell at it (it is an OT afterall) through your webcam.


I feel like you could easily get the goodness of the box in vst… For instance to p lock a step you just right click a trig with the mouse (or ctrl click) then move any parameters around you want, then ctrl click again. And of course you’ll be able to manipulate the encoders with a MIDI controller

I agree with MnM even though I have one… That or MD even though I sold one LOL

As for improvements: More polyphony and even default to polyphony so you can have chords on one track, bass on another, Bbox etc. Keep the classic FX but give us new ones. Also modern updates like per track scaling, micro timing, trig conditions, etc.


@Rusty octatrack :smiley:

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Elektron should release vsti versions of their digital legacy products. I want the original code not an emulsion/recreation of MD and MnM.


Agreed. It would be great if you could hold down a midi note for p-locking. I was thinking about this topic, because I’ve been looking for VST sequencers that allow you to trig and manipulate via QWERTY. Renoise Redux seems to be one of the few options, but it still lacks some of my favorite things about the Elektron workflow.

@Ryan Something better, I call it ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Naut-a-track :smiley:

From a Machinedrum point of view; microTonic is kind of close, no? Or at least conceptually.

You could make an emulator; I’ve done some SID stuff in the past, but its not my cup of tea.

I think one of the key things with regards to Elektron gear is that by and large the core sound engine is just one part of the whole; and that whole is something that translates a lot better into a hardware environment and the marriage with the sequencer etc.

@Elektron make great products, I’m working on something(s) totally different.

Whether I actually publicly release them / they see the light of day I should know in the very near future.


For me its the sequencers and p locks that i miss when i try to go back to my daw and pluggins.

Analog Four with “OverThumb” - Removable USB thumb drive filters that come in different flavors, Ladder, SEM, Acid, etc.

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Yeah this is very true. I think a Monomachine VST would be missing a lot if it just emulated the synth engines and not the interesting audio/control routing. There are no doubt tons of better synth VSTs than what the Monomachine has to offer.

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It might sound negative … but no, I wouldn’t want to have an Elektron VST recreation. I bought Elektron for hands on live music and to work OTB in the first place.

But I would love to see a modern recreation of the MD and the MnM … dreaming … :drooling_face:

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