If I were to get a mixer


I use my USB audio interface to get everything to come out my monitors.
With my growing collection of hardware (A4, Machinedrum, Heat and Octatrack) I was thinking about getting a mixer. I think the reasoning being that I may want to use this setup outside of Ableton.
Again . . . This is a step into the unknown. The MD was added just over a year ago and the rest of the hardware has followed on its heels. Due to this, I am gradually learning more about hardware setups.
So . . . If I were to get a mixer:

  • What would the benefits be over my 8 input 8 out USB interface.
  • What would be a good starting place?

Thanks for any ideas.



The advantage would be that it would help you mix live with the faders if you were not using the computer, and might have some advantages in terms of audio routing, especially if you are using external audio effects.

However, most mixers in the lower price brackets will only give you one or two stereo outs, so if you plugged all your gear into it you would lose the ability to multitrack into Ableton if that is something you currently do/is important to you.


Personally, I love my MX-1 and it is worth mentioning that there is nothing else like it on the market. Regarding your setup you could have a hybrid setup. When I began using the MX-1 I could also use plugins before it went to the stereo out in real time. I got so sick of clicking a mouse and looking at that screen that I went pure hardware into a cassette deck/my DAW for final stereo mastering. Another great aspect is that is being sold as a performance mixer and that is exactly what it is. It’s an extension to any filters or modulation that you are using.

It doesn’t have a dedicated EQ section but after a while of using the filter section you become accustomed to how they should work. Another benefit is the fact that the boutiques can be connected via USB. It may also prove a downfall if the ‘built in’ effects of your chosen boutiques don’t cut it for you.

Mumdance uses a Mackie and they are great. The VLZ3 1202 might be worth looking at. Nice EQ section and built like a tank.

Anyway, that’s my three piece! Keep us updated with your choices and experiments :wink:


I recently bought a Behringer Xenyx 2222FX mixer which works very well at a low price. But I regret that I didn’t put in the extra cash for a Xenyx 2442FX instead. I would love to have two Sub outputgroups instead of only one. Currently I feed the Sub outs to Octatracks External in A and B so that I can sample from any channels I want from my mixer. With two Sub outs to AB and CD i would have much more flexibility to route different channels to the inputs, and or choose which tracks would go to my external compressor for sidechaining, rather than having to go through the Octatrack first.


Hi again.
Having let this sit for a bit, I’m revisiting the idea of a mixer. I think I have a greater idea of what I’d need it to do:

First off - my MD, OT, A4 would need to go into it. I would consider using individual outs from the MD and A4 if the mixer had its own FX or if I get external FAX hardware to use as a send. So, the number of inputs on the mixer would need to accommodate that idea but I wouldn’t need loads.

Second - must have USB connectivity to get sounds into Ableton if I’m working into the box for recording etc. Access to individual inputs would be great.

Third - I would like to be able to use my Heat and have versatility in what channels I sent to it. MD or A4.

Finally - I’d like to be able to record anything back into the OT via it’s inputs.

I’ve looked at the Xenyx 2442FX which looks like a candidate. However, I’m concerned about latency as my Behringer 1616 fireface audio interface plays up at times.

I realise that Overbridge may offer solutions to shine of my needs but I haven’t been impressed with it so far and don’t really want to rely on software.

As ever, your advice and suggestions are really appreciated.

Oh, and my music funds are running fairly low so I may go second hand purchasing for this solution.

Cheers all


I’ve been scanning eBay but think I may be wanting too much.
Any ideas?


I’m also looking for an analog mixer that i can multitrack into my DAW. I’m currently using a mackie mixer connected from main outs to the ins of my 2 input interface, lol. Got a bunch of synths too.


I have the allen
and heath zed r16
you get 16 channels into daw and midi control
its awesome


I’m looking at the Aira stuff as also mentioned above.

I think I’m looking for something that could be quite expensive it it ticks all my boxes.

I may have to reconsider bits and pieces.


That’s just amazing. I’m in awe of that thing and I’ve only just seen it. Wow.

I think that’s just what I would like but for 25% of the price! :hushed:


I have the zed14 which sounds great to me. I have no interested in multitracking to daw so 2 channel USB doesn’t bother me, might be a problem for you. Channel inserts for six mono channels is awesome if you have fx


Have a look at the Behringer X-Air 18. It’s an 18 track USB soundcard as well as mixer. Super well priced and reasonable effects. You can setup inputs/outputs/routing in all different ways.

Downside is no physical faders - all through iPad.


That thing looks great, however, I’m well behind the curve on the tablet front. I only have my phone as my tablet type thing.