Ideas to replicate Md ctr all on MnM

Would someone have an idea how to make this possible?
I love this feature on the Md,and would love to have this on my beloved MnM(Irma)
Minicommand makes this possible if im right,but i would be interested in making this without…
Would someone have an idea?
Would be really cool…
Cheers!happy tweaking!

Midi designer pro on iPad , or another programmable iPad control surface.

You can have a super controller button / slider that can deal with anything else you like .

I just wondered the same thing recently

I haven’t tried this but you might also be able to put eveything on the same midi channel , if u then sent midi cc 71 ( for example) from external controller it may alter all of the engines

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I think as long as you control the Multitrig channel (Canal 7 by default, IIRC), you alter the parameters on all the tracks.

This is useful:

The interesting thing with ModStep is that you can record different envelopes shapes for each MIDI CC, change their length independently, accelerate them, etc. I love this app (and it’s quite cheap).

Our very own @guga of this parish makes a little box called the SMD or The Third Hand now I believe. That’ll do it for you.

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Or this

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Seems like a nice little device though commerciallly I wouldn’t limit it to monomachine , if it’s programmable it would be very handy on many more devices , receiving on 1 channel and sending out to multiples .
Also 8 buttons would be great , or chain them in multiples of 4 or something.

Indeed. But like you say, it looks like it was not commercially sustainable and I read on this forum that it was never really released. Which is a pitty.

Let’s make a petition to bring it back from the land of the dead! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I did wonder if an axoloti might be able to do this , the control kit adds buttons and a joystick .

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The “SMD” is now Goliath. I’ve used it as a CTRL-AL kind of thing, which is its primary purpose, and it works OK. It can target multiple Midi CCs at once across multiple channels (something they really should make more obvious in the marketing) and has a ‘midi learn’ feature. So basically - twist a knob, and that’s added to the Goliath’s preset. It’s a little bit more like a performance macro on the A4 as you can more freely associate it with multiple settings on one channel, or various settings across multiple channels/tracks. This one’s still available to purchase and is easy to put in a chain (ie, MD -> OT -> Goliath -> Monomachine, so Monomachine still gets its clock and transport commands from other gear merged with CC messages from Goliath)

One of my only real complaints about Monomachine is its relative lack of performance features compared to just about every other Elektron (from control-all to Octatrack scenes to A4/AR performance macros). Maybe this was due to the initial keyboard version having that joystick.


Gibbon Digital Goliath (was gugaBox SMD) by our very own @guga sounds right up your street.

Beyond that, any kind of device / application which can send mulitple midi CC messages should do the trick.

@Omar: Yeah, the Ruin & Wesen Joystick never got (commerically) released as far as I am aware. Only the MiniCommand and you don’t see them too often… but they are great boxes if you dig into them.


This legendary MonoJoystick had another powerful feature that makes the strength of the MD: the ability to tweak and reset the kit instantly. It looks like the Goliath doesn’t do that, unfortunately (or does it?)
If it did, I’d get one instantly.
The CC control aspect is covered in great part by iPad apps nowadays, I guess.

i’m afraid the Goliath cannot reset the kit on the MM as it’s more of a general MIDI controller and that would be a rather specific feature to implement. this used to be available a while ago but stopped production of it for various reasons. it came with a set of different features including kit reset.

edit: mm…watching that video again makes me think it was actually fun using it :slight_smile:

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Definitely fun! It even features a joystick!

Call me an idealist, but the monojoystick still looks like the perfect companion for the MnM, with its 6 buttons giving you instant control over the 6 tracks.

But it’s like being in love with a princess from last century, as it looks like it’s never going to live again.

(I’ll be in my coffin if someone asks for me)

…noted and updated, thanks :smiley: