Ideas For Pedals Good For Mangling Beats (Not including Standard distortion or bitcrushing?

would love to hear people’s general thoughts but for those that can be even more specific I’m not asking in regards to bit crushing or distorting your drums, but rather for other more organic effecting.
just looking at the whole Strymon line up which do you prefer to Mangle your funky/ groove based beats through?

beat mangling sound design.


The volante is absolutely a lovely pedal. All the tape delay goodness and a lot of options. I play the pedal like an instrument sometimes. Running vocal samples or field recordings through it and playing with the time and feedback can get some pretty wild sounds. I use it a lot. 10/10


I like the Deco. It not a mangler per se, but it adds some nice tape thickness and saturation, as well as some phasey, and double tracked sounds. Running a groovebox, synth, sampler, or whatever through it can add some nice beef.

Other pic would be the Volante. The programable tape heads are great, and it sounds really nice.

*Edit: This original post of mine made more send when the OP was only asking about Strymon Pedals.

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El Capistan <3

Timeline’s ‘Lo-fi’ machine is the ‘Destroyer’ machine from Mobius but with a delay line. Does both bit and sample rate reduction and has a vinyl sim parameter that can be blended.

Big Sky’s ‘Magneto’ machine is interesting as well.

Love my Strymon’s but I’m researching euro rack options to reduce footprint. It’ll be tough to sell my Strymons and I doubt I’ll ever get rid of the El Capistan. It’s just too good.


@chajin, Holdmybeer, you guys have any thoughts about the timeline?

No thoughts on the Timeline, as I have never used one.

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Didnt like the Timeline. Too many functions/menus, but also I felt it didn’t sound as good on synths/drum machines, or just line level maybe. Delay’s missed some definition to me or something.

DIG just sounds beautiful, definitely my favorite. Sounds amazing on everything I throw at it.

It’s hard to figure out what this thread is about, but I’ll give it a shot. Have you looked at the particle from red panda lab? It’s a really unique granular-based delay. The new version (V2), also runs stereo in and out. It’s a lot of fun to get hands on, tweaking and twisting knobs.


Chase Bliss Mood or Hologram Microcosm.


MA Count to 5.

I love it even I don’t always know what I am doing :joy:

Is mono though. Works well with beats from DFAM :star_struck:


Yeah, Count To 5 is great, especially mode 2 and 3. If you want more control over it (which you might want if you feed it beats), have a look at an EHX 8 Step Program to hook up to the expression input. Great little sequencer that you can sync to other gear via MIDI and then use to control certain parameters on your CT5.


I sold mine some months ago and I deeply regret it, I thought the Microcosm would replace it but they’re very different beasts.

I wish they would make a stereo version with MIDI sync though, it would take it to a whole new level.

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I love the count to five, might be an idea to get 3 more and run a pair into a pair?..

this one’s dope, and I love the bit rate reduction, but don’t want decimation, or distortion, or crushing… would grab this for sure if it was the same idea but all about filtering, octave dividing, phasing, and stretching…

both of these pedals have possibilities for beats

have messed with ver 1 a bit, I have the tensor and like it a lot…

it’s not easy finding something granular that is also rounder as opposed to harsher but I’m interested

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digitakt knob sample slot scrolling + count to 5 = I’llBeDamnatakt!

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Red Panda Particle/v2?
(not my video)


Analog Heat, while not a pedal is brilliant for mangling. I’ve made some sick cut off stuff with the LFO randomly modulating the master sound for example, but the filter and the different distortion cirtuits give you so many options. You can achieve the similar cut off results with the EHX Silencer, but it lacks the automation, filter and distortion effects. Other good pedals would be a POG and other octavers, bit crushers and filters, for example an MS-20 or a Polivoks filter built as a pedal.

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you know of any links to clips of that randomizing minus the distortion and crushing, I always avoided the heat because I thought of it as leaning more towards harsher tones

nice clip, hard to tell because it’s a dramatix but I wonder how good the particle is at bringing out harmonics in melodic stuff?

well looky here

aaaah dunno


I haven’t used it on anything released yet, and what I’ve used it in has been harsh noise sooo super distorted and crunchy sounds. But you can totally use the heat for it’s filter and modulation features, and add some warmth or just a clean boost to the signal. It’s got great distortion but so many other features as well.

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