I would sell 75% of my gear if I knew it was readily available

How much of your gear do you hang onto because of scarcity?

I was talking with a friend about this- we both hang on to so much gear because we know how difficult/expensive it will be to get some of it back.

If all gear were always in stock, I’d barely own anything. But, like many of you I’m sure, I’ve experienced this several times- I sell a piece of gear cause I need the money more than the gear at the moment. Want to buy it again later, it’s 4x the price and harder to find.

It stinks, I have become a gear hoarder, and I have no one to blame but myself and covid and everyone else.


As long as you’re pounding out and sharing beats to the world on the regular, it’s all good.

If not, then you must sell… and cheap too.

Either that, or become a borrow business… that’d be cool actually.

:- )


I was just talking to someone about this. A problem I run into are that Reverb fees are just not worth it to sell anymore. I just sold a pedal for $280 on there and after taxes and shipping I put $230 in my back account. Shits dumb and hard to justify


I have a decent list of kit like this. 4 maybe 5 oscillator modules in eurorack, about the same number of desktop synths. I’m doing No Gear New Year and contemplating selling everything I don’t need.

But - a lot of this stuff was quite hard to find, even harder in good condition/right location, and as much as I’m not using it right now/don’t actually NEED it to make tunes, the idea of selling it is tough for this reason. Plus, I have sold a few things this year already and I swear buyers (not on here) are more aggressive, indecisive and filled with lowball offers than they used to be!

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Oh mate, it’s a bloodbath out there at the minute.


Really? I’ll give you 600 for your Pro 2

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Funny guy.

Seriously though, everyone buying on eBay these days seem to be resellers on the hunt for easy prey.


I’ve had similar here in Switzerland recently. Ridiculous offers for gear.

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Trade. For something relatively as rare but more useful?

It’s funny, because I’ve just bought a Polivoks Pro, of which there are exactly and only 100 on the planet, which makes it pretty bloody rare.

However, judging by the price I’ve paid for it, either scarcity no longer matters as much as it did or I’ve been sold a dud.

We’ll find out when Postman Pat pulls his finger out of his cat’s arse and delivers it.

Valuable or not though, if it’s anything like what I’m expecting, it’s going with me all the way to Hell.


Ive been messing around with the Polivoks on the Mars collection of Soviet synths
Great gritty sound.


the flip side of this is the question: how much gear would you not own if you hadn’t gotten a deal on it? or how much stuff have you sold off only because the used prices for them got high enough, it wasn’t worth it to keep any more?

fluctuating gear prices don’t always mean you’re on the losing end.

this won’t make it any better:

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I sell a lot on reverb, and a lot locally. It’s hard to justify selling certain things on reverb. After the fees, it can feel rough. And it isn’t always great for the buyers either.

It’s funny, when someone posts something for a solid price or lowers there price, I’ll see a swarm of offers, like sharks smelling blood. “They lowered it? Let’s see how low they’ll go!”

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That said, I wish I could keep every single piece of gear I’ve ever bought. I love having it! To me they’re all interesting and pieces of art.


Anything I’m not using I sell. Hate feeling things are going to waste and it frees up cash and means someone else can get a good deal and use out of it. All round win

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I read some interesting research that people are generally happier buying experiences than objects- which feels true. So I think of my time with any piece of gear as an experience- when I stop using it, the experience is over. You can always think there might be future experiences, but I’m mostly happy with remembering how much I enjoyed something. The past is never readily available, but new experiences are!


I’ve heard this too, and I love this perspective on things! Thanks for sharing!

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I have my octatrack, a 0 coast, and three fx pedals. Unfortunately, the two other things I want just aren’t available atm… If anyone has got an oto boum or a leploop that they wanna part with hmu

This struck a chord with me . . . Hard. Admittedly, I haven’t connected (read: truly enjoyed) with any of the gear I’ve bought during the pandemic and your statement helped me realize that I purchase gear for the experience of playing live, which due to playing the pandemic very conservatively, I haven’t done since March 2020

Wise words.

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Seriously, the buyer was out over $300 for it. I felt a little bad but it was priced fair and sold in a matter of hours. Its definitely stopped a few of my impulse purchases also to see what it comes to after tax and all.

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