I was thinking of selling my OT, but then explored its hidden corners

The breakthrough!

I bought my OT mkI for my 40th birthday. It’s been a 1.5 years since taking possession. (Or it possessed me?) I felt pretty good about my knowledge and was generally satisfied with my musical creations (noise)I have been making. I was thinking about possibly selling it because I thought maybe I had reached a point where I could move on to other processes, other gear (so many great options these days!)

However, I had a hunch that I had not explored all the hidden corners of the other realm. Would one more trip to the other side really show me anything new? I had already looked out across the great expanse of oblivion, even creeped up to the edge of nothingness and gazed into the endless abyss.

I reread Merlins guide. I went back to the good book (OT users guide). I searched my soul. Then, I tripped and fell head first into the most creative, experimental 2 hour journey of sampling, scenes, parts, (what’s a part again) and other cult secrets I am not at liberty to discuss. Oh, and I recorded the whole thing too which is like seeing a video of yourself in the grip of an appallingly chemical binge. No recollection of the events that transpired. I can’t even recognize what I used to look like. I can’t go back to the way things were…

You can have my OT now. Follow the trail of blood and pry it from my cold dead hands :skull:


Relatable content.


Love this :smiling_imp:

I can recall so many experiences like this with my OT (and other elektrons too). You are caught up in a trance of swirling, gurgling, churning, blissful sounds with flashing lights, clicky buttons and the oh-so-lovely x-fader :purple_heart: :black_heart: :purple_heart:

The octatrack is truly a unique beast and a beloved member of my family!

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lol - perfect… And I bet you still haven’t even set track 8 to master and figured out the (profoundly nonobvious) combination of settings that allows the delay control trig mode to turn the whole thing into a mashable repeater.

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Please can you point us to tips on how to do this???

The manual is here:

The relevant sections are Appendix B.12 “ECHO FREEZE DELAY” and 12.7.6 “DELAY CONTROL”



A quick search on YouTube will produce a good number of videos on the infamous echo freeze delay, which is one of the awesome and impressive features of the OT. It is a unique effect when used sparingly.

This one is a pretty good tutorial on the process. It’s not mine but it points you in the right direction. There are so many ways to use the OT. Good luck in your creative journey. Come back to this forum frequently for more cool tips!


Totally agree. OT has many complex features, but DELAY-CTRL together with fader/scenes is definitely the thing I use most. Breaking the beat and coming back on the feet is so joyful with these :slight_smile:


@[d-_-b] An Audiofanzine user shared an interesting trick : on Master track, use one shots to arm delay repeat, with different values, and place a trig with neutral setting to stop it at the beginning of the pattern / bar.
You can hold Yes to arm consecutive one shots, or press it briefly to arm only one.

I found it more controllable, precise, subtle if you wish. It can be combined with filter or other fx…
Kind of FILL for master fx.


Excellent idea, got to check this.
But with quite some practice in the last few months, I have no trouble controlling what I want in Delay-CTRL mode.
One of the key is to be able to repeat a nice idea. Another one is that for each groove it’s moment :slight_smile:
But I’ll definitely try the trick you mentioned!


…aaaaaaand another chapter in the book of love…“the neverending story of never seen it all”

could join this cake so easily…but…i’m afraid of thinking, if THIS is never coming to any sort of end, why should they ever bother to create AND release any further next step in ot’s tree of sonic evolution…?