I want an instrument which i can feel connected to

Personally I also have difficulty connecting to synths in the same way as a piano especially when played through studio monitors. When I play through a keyboard amp it already feels much more alive. Its the same for me with playing guitar through a digital amp sim over studio monitors. It feels like the sound is not completely part of this world. By connecting the digital sim through a real amp the sound feels part if this world and makes it easier for me to musically connect.
Also, with keys, if you play through a tube amp, you will get more responsive sound to the touch if you set the amp well ( clean on light touch, little overdrive and tube compression when played full velocity).
Also, with playing through a dedicated amp you get some interplay between the cabinet and speaker and room which does add for feeling. Studio monitors are of course designed to not be able to drive the speaker. Personally I get best results with open back cabinets dedicated amps as even the directional behavior of closed back amps gets me in the zone less easily


This forum does not let down!

Thanks for all the inspiration.
As of how I’m going forward.

I decided to purchase a Nord lead 2 and see if an expressive synth with nice keys can fill the gap. It might not be expressive as other synths as it doesn’t have aftertouch, but all the internal routing possibilities might help.

Never the less it’s gonna be fun to explore it as it sounds amazing from all the demos.

I see three scenarios forming out of this.

A) it’s doesnt fulfill what I was after at all and I go on looking for more excentric instruments.

B) it fulfills it to some degree which upon I sell it and try and finance something a bit more expressive (osmose, polybrute etc.)

C) I end up loving the experience and decide to keep and thus also have money over from my eurorack sales…

I’m hoping for C


Yeah, I wish I could have an acoustic drum kit! Drums are kind of the ultimate, I think.

I don’t even have the space for an electric kit, unfortunately. I was actually thinking about getting a pair of bongos to finger drum on and record. That’s about the only percussion instrument I could maybe get away with in my place.

I’ve got a pair of sticks from a drummer friend, so I might try getting into a routine of practicing rudiments on a pillow or get a cheap practice pad to work on grooves.

(By the way, I totally agree about the cello as well. I’ve never played one but just love the sound of it. The range of the instrument is just so awesome.)

Let us know how it all turns out! As this thread demonstrates, many of us are on a similar quest.

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That’s super interesting! I’ve always wondered how he (and Brian Eno) were composing the ambient swells in conjunction with the piano noodlings. Of course it’s best to hear the results realtime when you’re playing. Any specific interviews you have in mind where he goes into this?

I’ve been wondering if it wouldn’t be interesting to map certain parameters of your pedals to foot expression pedals, so you can control the amount of shimmer/feedback/etc. Think that’ll be my next try. As well as adding looper pedals.

I found articles in some online magazine archives. I’ll track down a link.


Rhodes Music Group reveals that the new Rhodes MK8 will be available soon …


What about setting up a Fender Rhodes with a Boss RC-505 loop station (and a mic)?

I love the sound of Rhodes, everyone get connected to it, and you can loop a bassline or a drumline with a mic and the loop station on the fly.

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I wonder if anyone of you out there have played the MPC Live II and if it engages the player through it’s built in speaker.

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One day I will buy a Rhodes that will be passed down through generations. :heart_decoration:

Signed up for the new letter. It’ll be interesting to see where this leads

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So I got the Nord Lead 2 today. Had a first sit down with it this evening. And it feels great.
Everything feels pretty alien about it as of now and I have no clue how to do anything on it. But this sure has potential.

Let’s see if I get lost in it when I get to know it.


I can hear echoes of early Autechre already.

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Smart choice. Of all the virtual analogue synths i like the Nord Lead the most(seems very similar to me to the Yamaha AN1X which is right up there). The knob per function and multilayering are its strong points. Plus it looks cool.

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…158 posts of advice…

love these threads, seriously… we’re all the same… it’s like a big dysfunctional family


Haha so true!

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Let’s just hope they don’t follow the trend of Roland and Korg with minikeys and all-plastic build…

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Perhaps a different angle but for me it’s harder to connect with new stuff coming of from production line. I always felt this electricity when playing old dusty, beaten up instruments.
Its like giving it another life and you bond with it quickly.

I’m taking Crumars, Polara but even my trusty jx3p feels like entity full of character compared to anything relatively new.

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this has been my thought lately… especially because for many years i played the saxophone… i think i’d love playing synths with a wind controller

I’m waiting on the Photon for simultaneous voice and wind control, and—not having a long tube—no condensation drip