I tried finger drumming using a Digitone + beatstep combo, this time without using the sequencer. Everything is being played on the beatstep

I’ve been watching finger drumming videos lately, and it looks really fun so I wanted to try it. Normally the people I see drum over a track, but there were some who did everything without a sequencer, only playing the pads.

I originally looked for a way to “chop” samples on the Digitakt and have some of the pads play the same sample at different starting points, but I couldn’t find a way without doing some hardcore midi hacking. I opted for the quicker route and did the finger drumming on the Digitone instead.

I assigned the leftmost pads (1, 2, 9 and 10) to the drums, which are playing on track 4 on the Digitone. Pads 5 - 8 are set to the main melody, pads 13 - 15 play the bass, and 4 and 12 are these long pad things. The drum patches are modified stock presets, and the melodic patches are made from scratch.

All audio is coming from the Digitone, with a multiband compressor added in post.

Please excuse the shaky finger drumming, and thanks for listening!

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