I ran out of patch cables today

Much like when I use up too much of the memory in my Elektron boxes, I actually ran out of patch cables today having fun trying new things out with my modular system

Where are you? If you’re in the UK I can send you some extra patch cables for the cost of postage. I’ve got loads of spare…


I am in California so far away. Appreciate the kind gesture :slight_smile:
Funny being new to modular, as I learn more the need for large amount of patch cables and mults trumps everything else.

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Get some stackables. They seem expensive but they’re worth it. You will use the hell out of them! I know I do… :slight_smile:


We can clearly hear you were missing a cable out of your modular into a soundcard for a half decent recording :smiling_imp:


agree I have a few stackables and they are super useful. Probably will get some more along with a few support modules like an attenuator/offset/mixer and clock module and switch at the next modular sale. Fortunately these cost less than an expensive voice module.