I made a smooth beat on the Digitone and tried to make a smooth and expressive lead synth

I spent a few hours last night diving into the Digitone’s synth engine and made a few brittle patches. Then I spent all morning working on a track using those patches.

I think this track has the most complex beat programming I’ve on the DIgitone so far. All the drums are squeezed into one track. Each step is p-locked to a different sound. In som places I use microtiming to make two notes play at practically the same time (kick and cymbal), and also use arp on the hats to fake retriggering, which the Digitone doesn’t have.

The main melody was a recreation of my favorite patch that I made for my favorite FM VST (Toxic Biohazard), and I placed a LOT of trigless locks to add movement to the sound.
I want to find a better workflow for making drums, lots of nitpicking (which I actually like) that takes a lot of time (which I don’t like).

All audio is coming from the Digitone. I only added a limiter in post to smooth out the transients.

Thanks for listening!


It’s a very nice melody. The sounds you’re using are very realistic sounding; that is, the piano sounds like a piano, et cetera.

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Thank you, @Electromatic! Making music on the Digitone takes longer since you have so much control over each synth patch. I’m happy with how the patches turned out :smiley:

Just came across this on youtube’s and commented there…! This is excellent…you have extracted so much more than most out of the digis…you should be proud…

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You drop these at such a steady pace! Where do you find all the time? Sounding great!

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Thank you very much @Adam9 and @mr_bernard! Sometimes I sort of become obsessed with stuff. and do only that for weeks at a time. That obsession has never lasted as long as now with the Digitakt and Digitone. I also have a 50 minute train ride to work, so that’s a great time to work on a few patches or melodies!

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That’s convenient! Do you have power on the train, or a portable battery kind of thing? In Texas, we use cars everywhere. I’d love to have some music time during my commute.

Yeah, definitely. I was worried that a 1 hour and some minutes travel time (including walking) would suck when I was used to a 3 minute bike ride to work. Sitting on the train is relaxing, so that helps!

There’s power on the train itself. I’ve been looking for a battery that can power the DT and/or DN, but since the train has power outlets and I only can only fit one machine on my lap, I probably don’t need a battery just yet.

Sound design can be hard during the noisy parts of the ride, though :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome! I Love those Toms and the snare in the Break. Melody just great.

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Thank you, @pulsn! The tom is a kick preset that I made more ‘tommy’, because there was only 1 tom preset on my Digitone :stuck_out_tongue:

Do dom, do Dom, do Dom, Dom dommm



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Nice work! I love how everything opens up around the 1:18 mark.

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Thank you, @AlmaxMere!

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