I made a new video in the balcony, this time using Digitakt

Swapping gear in the balcony for more sound combinations and maybe the perfect small format setup i can get.
Right now i swapped the Deluge with Digitakt, and lets see how this goes.
This song is very dark and inspired by the Model 15 app.

Gear that appears in this video -
Recorder - Zoom H8
Korg Volcas - 2x Mix, Sample, Modular, Beats, FM, Bass, Keys
Elektron Digitakt for drums, and sequencing.
iPhone 12 Pro Max - with Model 15 Modular Synthesizer App
Sensel Morph via Bluetooth on the iPhone
Monome Norns Shield (for drones)
Headphones - Sennheiser HD660


thats real nice.

Thank you!

just out of curiosity what made you swap out the deluge?

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Hello. I still have the Deluge. I swapped it just for this small setup. I have it on my other eurorack setup.
Deluge is a better more complex sequencer than Digitakt.

Man, that’s a great setup :eyes:

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Thank you sir!

My latest song from “The Balcony Project” Is now available on Soundcloud - Check it out.

It’s in France ?

No. Bucharest/Romania

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