I made a Lemur template for M:S

Heres a demo of my ‘MS Companion’ template. The part around 1:20 where I’m struggling to use the pan control isn’t the app being unresponsive, its just me being an idiot!

The template is available in the files section which is here:


Its currently only in iPad format but I will be adding to it from time to time and I 'd like to do an iPhone friendly version too :slight_smile:


That’s something a site admin would need to resolve - i believe it may be known but will mention to the relevant person in the admin area

Ok thanks :slight_smile:

Who is the site admin?

digging the track!

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If there’s something you need forwarded the @Mods can perhaps assist, but sharing names wouldn’t be fair for us to do. If you have feedback on Elektronauts there is a whole quiet subforum that will be viewed where it matters

Heh… I bet it‘s Aphex? Why is it such a secret?

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Thanks man!, TBH its not really a track though, I just needed something to demonstrate the Lemur template working and this is what I ended up with :slight_smile:

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still pleasing to the ears and mind :slight_smile:

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Now there are subcategories for uploading files for the Model series. Sorry for the inconvenience. :slight_smile:



Cool, I’ll edit the first post :slight_smile: